I’ve been thinking about going inpatient voluntarily to a psychiatric hospital, has anyone been in there and has any information about the insurance coverage and fees?

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  • anemone


    if its covered, then everything from the stay should be covered as long as the facility is covered (and it should be illegal to balance bill you for any out of network providers, if i understand the surprise billing law correctly) that said it can still cost $1000 per day, maybe more depending on your insurance. i visited one earlier this year and though i was only there for 12 hours, had no meals or therapy sessions or anything, and they didnt dispense most of my meds, they still charged me at least $12000 which came to $1700 or so i think? only because we hit out of pocket maximum before the full charge basically, if you think you need it, because it's an emergency, then you should go anyway. hospitals often have forgiveness programs and you might be able to take advantage of that. but if youre not in immediate danger, even outside of the financials, i can't say i recommend it (or in many places, whether or not you could get admitted). inpatient is often a traumatic experience, and you should use other resources first if possible. if there's mental health crisis centers nearby you, i've had good luck with those, and at the very least the ones ive been to are free. if you have a primary care doctor, they sometimes have social workers in the office that you could talk to. and of course, if you dont have a therapist youre seeing regularly, that will be infinitely more effective in treating you in the long run (and probably a lot cheaper). a partial hospitalization plan could also give you a lot more freedom and comfort while still having the intensive treatment that an inpatient visit would, and is more effective because it's over a longer period of time, so i'd recommend asking about that first too, if possible. the hospital you visit will know more about the exact details of coverage, since it differs from facility to facility, so asking them ahead of time is probably a far more effective method of getting information. you or someone you trust could call them ahead of time.

    • User14784


      in Mexico I’ve been inpatient twice, both had been covered in full by the government. Since I’ve been dealing most of my life with this issues Ive learned how to recognize my limits, but i also don’t want to be in debt for all my life and have a worse end because of that. I do have a psychologist (we do CBT tele health since she’s not in the US) and I do have a psychiatrist. I just still can’t decide if going back to Mexico is the best option because I’m still getting used to the scammy- insurance system that the US has. Thanks for your guidance in what refers to insurances!

      • anemone


        i can only imagine that an inpatient ward would be as bad in mexico as here, from what my mexican friends have said and depending on where in the us you are now, but it's amazing that the state pays for it there. i can't say i recommend it, but i know a number of people who just leave their medical debt out there for years and maybe never pay it, because hospitals are less likely to send your debt to collectors, but i myself have had debt sent to collectors (even though it was only $84) so you might want to avoid that. best of luck to you in whatever you choose, let me know if you have more questions or if i can help in anything

  • tameenewberg


    I have a few years back and I benefited from the classes and well as from being out of my trigger zone

  • levi_sixs


    I went once, and my insurance covered probably 75% of it. However, my hospital charged for each individual doctor and nurse I spoke with. However, being there is very beneficial, and you'll meet a lot of really cool people.

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