Idk why but I kind of like that I have medication. I feel like it gives me a sense of control over myself in a way I haven’t felt before. But I know wanting to be on medication isn’t something I should be wanting? It’s really confusing. And I’m glad I’m overall healthy. I don’t wish for any more mental health or physical health issues. But I’m just saying, in a way, it’s like a sense of comfort for me knowing I’m controlling myself. Does anyone else feel that way or is this something I should seek some help for.. ha



Complex post traumatic stress disorder

Episodic Mood Disorder

Body dysmorphic disorder

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  • poetryandclarinet


    I get it. Society makes us believe prescriptions are “bad” because the US is statistically over medicated, and there is risk of taking them. However there’s risk with every medication, including overuse of vitamins. One of many ideas that society doesn’t take a look at the bigger, scenic picture. I say all of this because I used to feel the same way about all the medications I used to take, but ultimately it was for survival. If you’re low on Vitamin B12, take a supplement. If you’re low on serotonin, take a supplement. If you need it to survive, don’t guilt yourself for wanting to be healthy. You deserve it. I hope this helps.

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