I was recently diagnosed with ADHD and put on 10mg Adderall. I can’t tell a difference but others around me can? They say I seem more focused, am more productive and overall have a better mood. I stopped taking it for a couple weeks when I had to switch providers (mine moved out of state and couldn’t prescribe me stimulants anymore) and ran out. Because I didn’t notice a difference it wasn’t a big deal to me. But in hindsight, my husband I talked about how my mood had dipped during that time period. I also have bipolar II and take Lamictal for it, but am wondering if the Adderall did hit me harder than I thought?
I feel I am pretty self aware and have been in therapy for 8 years. It just seems odd to me I wouldn’t notice such a difference being on a new drug?
Has anyone else felt this way? What kind of changes did you notice when you took it? TIA


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  • Trudie_tootie


    Do you have a journal that you track your mood and symptoms? I would recommend starting one. It can be extremely helpful in seeing changes that you don't quite feel. I did have a very similar experience with an antidepressant, but everyone said my mood and actions were really low while I felt much better.

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