Hi 🙂 I got diagnosed with diabetes in the last few weeks, and I’m going to be starting medication in a couple of days. I’m 25, but I don’t know what type of diabetes I have yet.

Regardless of what type you have or how long you’ve had it, what are resources or advice that you wish you’d had when you were first diagnosed?

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  • Mark


    Hi, I think no matter what kind of diabetes you have the most important tip I have to give you is to not give in to the meds and hope they do all the work. It's very important, in addition to medication, to change your diet and start exercising. I'm not saying to completely avoid sugar, of course, but to make a menu change in order to make it healthier. Losing weight also greatly helps the body to deal with diabetes. These are two things that really helped me balance my sugar levels.

  • Samhams


    Hi! I’m also 25 and I have type 1 diabetes. Along with the other comments who suggested great tips, I love to do a lot of walking. Even if its just shopping around for an hour! I try to do 20 mins everyday or 5 days a week. Really helps with my sugars throughout the day as well. :) Good luck with everything!

  • DitsyDiabetic


    I know they’re expensive, but my CGM (continuous glucose monitor) has been a HUGE lifesaver for keeping track of my sugars being so busy. I use the dexcom g6, which i think is the best one available right now. If you want other tips just message me 💜

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