Prolonged kidney pain after COVID? I was dangerously dehydrated and ended up in the hospital. 6 hrs in the ER stabilizing me and then 5 days on ivs and meds for my liver and kidney levels. I've had mild issues with my right kidney since I was a teen but MRI results were clear so Dr dismissed my claims. Continuedly being told it must just be a UTI (with none of the other symptoms) got me tired of even bringing it up to a doctor... Usually I just need to push fluids and pain goes away. Since COVID I sometimes wake up in such pain in the area and it takes a lot of fluids. I've figured out I can't go long without fluids and everything seems to hurt. Only on the one side. No stones thankfully. If I push a lot of fluids before going to bed it isn't as bad in the morning. Has anyone else had kidney issues during and post COVID?

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  • Spidey


    I got my kidney infected as part of UTI (it’s called pyelonephritis). I still have flank pain but my CT and MRI are clean so my doctor says it’s nothing

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