Has anyone that is taking Dupixent experienced improvement in eczema on a certain part of their body but have experienced it worse other areas? It has greatly improved the eczema on my hands but I’m having persistent issues with my face and I don’t know why it’s not helping.

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  • Nylaaa


    yes, I have. I had it really bad on the inside of my elbows before Dupix. and now that's all cleared up but I got it really bad around my eyes for about a year after starting Dupixent.. now a couple years later I am clear everywhere :)

    • scarletfire


      thanks for the response!!! It’s odd because I’ve been on it for about a year and a half now and I’ve just started having issues with my face for the past few months. It comes and goes but I have the patches that keep popping up that really burn and hurt especially the ones around my eyes and eye brows. Not sure if it’s an allergy to something or has something to do with the meds. I’m going to ask my allergist about it I guess

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