What are natural ways to reduce stress/
cortisol levels?

Anxiety (Including GAD)

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  • Jenny80


    Taking b12

    • Gohar


      I take B12 injections every 40 days! 😞 it gives me energy that’s it!!

  • Nat123


    I’m doing Iv infusion b12

  • gella10


    I take ashwagandha supplements 3 times a day, I find that helps a little bit

  • Jenny80


    Read up on magnesium for better sleep and anxiety

  • betweenthethorns


    Try different breathing techniques, till you find one that works. 4/6/8; box breathing; rose/ candle

  • Honeybee1849


    I recommend finding a chiropractor that does massage my chiropractor filed the appeal to get it approved through my insurance and so now I can go get my attitude adjusted every couple weeks for the massage then I go home and do self care like soft music and bubble baths and incense or scented candles and facials and foot soaks and a good movie I plan a day like this every couple of weeks full of self care that takes the whole day I don't check email, or text messages, or socials, and then by the time I'm done I'm completely relaxed and destressed

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