i dont really understand the process for an autism assessment
-i talked to my therapist about the fact i think im autistic and she said that she could see it being true, but she can't diagnose me because she's a LCSW (she said only psychologist and psychiatrist can diagnose)
-i tried to apply for an autism assessment through my university's psych center but they said the waitlist is literally like a year long ???? and ive already been on the waitlist for several months
-how much are autism assessments usually ?? im scared its gonna be hundreds of dollars (and on the off chance I don't even have autism/get misdiagnosed then i just wasted a bunch of money)
any advice or guidance is appreciated

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  • pagan


    The assessment can definitely vary from place to place, in New Mexico they just said I was adhd and tried pumping me full of meds so they didn't have to deal with me, which in turn really fucked with my psychy. I moved to Maine and immediately they're like yup this kids autistic. Regardless don't let the terms drive you mad, we are who we are and putting labels on people is a bit of a misguidance because the label doesn't define us as much as society wants us to believe

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