I have a strong belief that I have ADHD and even my therapist agrees, but I can’t get a solid answer till I see a psychiatrist (which will happen next week) I’m also in college and I have a lot to do, but it’s the fact that I don’t want to do homework because it’s “boring” and I have to focus on doing it for a long period of time. Any tips on how to focus on doing homework and “getting through it”?

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  • aries02


    I didn’t get diagnosed until my freshman year of college and I’m now a junior and on meds I’m sure you’re in the same boat and got through high school just fine just by being smart enough and now we don’t really now how to handle the work load in college. I will say the meds definitely help. The biggest problem I have is that I put things off for a long time because I think it’s going to be too complicated or boring or take too long. So my first tip is to just try it for a couple of minutes, that’s it, and if it’s really that bad you can come back to it later when you’re ready. I also think the best thing you can do is stay out of your bed unless you’re going to sleep, so don’t do your homework on your bed. Also try to have different areas for working and relaxing. The best place to work for me is the library and I like to go in a quiet area where nobody else is really in. That way I can’t really get over stimulated, and if I’m feeling understimulated I can put my headphones in and listen to music or something

  • Lady6ug


    You have to find what works for you. The hardest thing for me was always reading assignments because it was something I did less actively. So I'd play ASMR videos or music (without lyrics or legible words) and read in chunks (like paragraphs, pages or chapters) with frequent breaks to get through it. I'd keep on moving the goal post until I was done. For other homework, I could get away with having the TV on because if I actually jad to write or do some kind of work sheet, it was easier foe me to focus on. Sometimes I would tune out the show entirely. But other times it was a good break.

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