i kind of just wanna have a discussion regarding smth i call productive depression. to me it feels, physically taxing like a depressive episode, & nevative thoughts etc etc like a depressive episode, but instead of wanting to stay in bed all day i NEED to clean. cleaned the whole house last night and couldnt sleep for hours after bc i couldnt find anything else to clean. does anyone else experience this? & what are your thoughts on it?




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  • rca_2011


    I have bipolar so I go through productive spurts. High levels of getting a lot done for days then levels of doing nothing dor days. Does this happen sometimes and not happen others? You might have a different version of bipolar.

    • lumiswrld


      yes, it’s usually a depressive episode where i’m bedridden, lack of hygiene, worsened eating habits etc, but every now and then i’ll feel incredibly productive with all the other symptoms of depression. i’m diagnosed with bipolar one

      • rca_2011


        are you on anything for your bipolar? Im on respiradone

      • dsmklm


        I feel the same, thought I was alone, when I clean I'm like a mad woman trying to get everything done in one day cause I know the rest of my days I won't be doing anything

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