I have been having a lot of anxiety lately, was reading a book and felt calm but all of a sudden felt an adrenaline rush and suddenly got super anxious and felt like my mind went totally blank, felt like I couldn't speak, was afraid I was having a stroke or something, then it went away, has anyone else experienced this??

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  • Bobaqueen


    I have experienced this plenty of times. When this happens to me it usually makes me have a panic attack. I notice that I experience this when I am under a lot of stress. The last time this has happened to me was a couple of days ago when I was laying down. I thought that I was going to have a panic attack but I got up and started cleaning and I forgot about it. This year has been the worst year for my anxiety and panic attacks. I lost count of how many times I've had a panic attack. So, I have experience alot of the weird side effects that anxiety can cause such feeling like passing out, brain fog, heart palpitations, pressure in head, neck and head pain, adrenaline rushes out of nowhere, chest pain, stomach issues and dissociating. I find that being active and drinking enough water helps. When I feel really stressed I take magnesium citrate and it calms me down. I also realized that I wasn't breathing properly, so I started doing breathing exercises and I have seen an improvement.

    • SumShine84


      yes! These past couple of years have been bad for me too, I have had anxiety for years but it hasn't even come close to how bad it has been the last couple of years, and as much as I try to find things to help it, nothing has given me lasting relief, guess it is going to be a lifelong struggle, just helps to know we are not alone in our struggle❤️

  • Razzberry


    Yes, it is scary too. I try to do the breathing or grounding techniques. I hate when they come out of the blue like that.

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