Too long didn’t read: I think I might be autistic, do you think these things seem like ASD?
I have not been diagnosed with ASD. I’m wondering if y’all think these things seem like autistic traits. In elementary school I would match personalities to the friend group that I was with to seem cool around them. And I remember in elementary school and middle school there were a couple years where I would come home after school and every single day and cry, that seems like maybe being exhausted from masking. Could be other things though. Also in 6th grade I wore the same exact outfit every single day. Same sweatshirt, rotate between 2 of the same pants, same shoes. And in summer I had 4 different colors of the same shirt that I would wear. And I wore my hair in a low ponytail every single day because I didn’t want it down. I have comfort movies like the grinch and Wallace and Grommit and flushed away and the little mermaid that I watch a lot when I don’t know what else to watch or when I’m trying to fall asleep or when I’m upset or anything. Also I literally am never not entertained I am always listening to something or watching something but that’s probably more like ADHD. In 12th grade I watched the grinch every day I probably watched it at least 200 times while doing homework or sleeping or literally anything. I was super overwhelmed that year. I am diagnosed with ADHD and as you may know some ADHD traits are also seen in autism so I also fidget literally all the time nonstop. I also am sensitive to sensory stuff like loud noises and TOUCH ugh especially when I didn’t see it coming. I have some sameness things like needing tv volume numbers to be 1,3,5,7,10. I need to know when we are doing the last time before we stop something so that I know it’s the last time otherwise it feels weird and too abrupt and uncomfortable to stop (ex: playing a game). I love to talk in accents and sometimes copy what people say, then I say sorry after because I don’t want them to think I’m making fun of them. I sometimes forget to ask about how other people’s days were and I only talk about myself and then leave. I forget about people when I’m not with them so I don’t really miss them “normally” I am happy to see them again, but I can’t honestly say that I missed them. I don’t always like eye contact, I think a lot of the time I do it because I know that it is expected of me. What do y’all think, can you relate? Thank you!

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  • AsterWest


    this sounds like a lot of symptoms of different things. I see things that could point to a personality disorder like BPD or DPD, OCD, and ASD. definitely do research and find a therapist if possible

    • ___


      Yes it’s confusing! I’ll look into it more, thank you

  • AriJuda


    I would say definitely possible. maybe look into ocd as a comorbidity.

  • Kishi


    definitely possible! as you know a lot of those can overlap with other conditions so i see how it's confusing

  • IAmTired247


    I see a lot of other conditions but autism is definitely in there. I'd probably start to get diagnosed if I was you.

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