Does anyone else suffer terribly with low to no motivation or energy? I really suffer with house chores and it often looks absolutely disgusting. My mother says I'm just lazy but it's not true. I don't like the look of it either. I just can't always make myself do it.

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Bipolar Disorder

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  • salmacarandana


    You are not alone sometimes I feel like that with things I like to do. For example I love to draw but those months my motivation went down for no reason

  • alyssa25


    Mine has but for socializing

  • Barbiegrl


    All the time. All i want to do in my free time is lay in bed and watch tiktoks

  • AlexaRoberts


    You are not alone. I am the same way. My mother in law also says I'm lazy. Like I have mental health issues that you have no idea how they make me feel. Some people may just be lazy but others its just our mental health.

  • DitsyDiabetic


    Yeahhhh as far as i know it’s a common problem with mental health issues, especially more severe ones like bipolar 1. Also hygiene.

  • canoli


    I'm 55 and was diagnosed with bipolar 1 in 2016. After years of therapy and meds I look back at my life before and realize that the girl who couldn't keep up with housework or bills, who was reckless and inconsiderate at times.... she wasn't lazy or unloving, not a slut or a drug addict. She was sick and that made those things IMPOSSIBLE . Now all those negative feelings are replaced with SHE WAS A SURVIVOR!!! A warrior and so am I. Lots of people don't survive this stuff so if you're still here trying your best to cope with your crazy feelings then you have a 100% success rate. You've made it through every terrible day. I still struggle daily with my illness. I still act in a way that embarrasses me sometimes. But now I don't let myself sink into that cycle of shame. Just get up and move on. Fight. Mental illness makes life very hard sometimes but as you accept it and learn to deal with it you start to realize that it's taught you some good things too. And there's still joy at times. Life is still worth living.

  • moonbear


    I dont suffer with chores, I mean it takes a bit to motivate me but once I start one chore, I won't stop until all of them are done. I do struggle with sticking to plans. I would at least, make a plan a week or two in advance and then cancel the night before or the day off. I like to blame it on my anxiety, as well as my anxiety of driving. I drive pretty well but always have a mental block that something bad will happen with my driving. It took time but I stopped canceling my plans and will only do so if necessary. For ex, I didn't get enough sleep, my plans infere with my other plans that day, etc. It happens, it's a personal journey. Try setting some small goals and work your way up.

  • poodlelover28


    Same! I rarely ever get the motivation to clean and I'm usually tired.

  • klazikel


    I often lack motivation to clean, and sometimes cleaning causes anxiety and frustration. I've gotten into the habit of cleaning my kitchen every day, washing dishes and cleaning surfaces, because of how disgusting I used to allow my kitchen to get (i.e. bugs on the dirty dishes) when i was younger. The bathroom I keep from getting gross, but other than that, my apartment is not clean. There are unfolded towels piled up on the couch, papers and dryer sheets floating around the floor and random empty Amazon boxes strewn about. My home is not gross, but I know it's cluttered and I just can't make myself clean it. I wish i were more organized and had the motivation to maintain more things in my home. I do enough to keep my home sanitary and that's enough for me right now.

  • Olivebutter2236


    I fully rely on my high periods and manic episodes to keep my house clean. Any other time I physically can't.

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