I have been a little depressed because I have had chronic pain, and have not been able to really enjoy anything. I have been trying so hard to enjoy little things and find things to look forward to. It is getting harder to do that.


Chronic Low Back Pain


Diabetic Neuropathy

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  • grumpybutt


    I'm feeling the same I've been working almost full-time and had to cut back to 2 1/2 days a week because of the pain. It's affecting my mental health. You're not alone my friend. You need to talk I'm here

    • AshleeSVU


      thank you so much. I appreciate you. In this case it's not a good thing to not be alone, but I'm glad to have a confidant. Chronic pain affects so much, I'm trying to figure out how to cope with everything. It is overwhelming. I feel myself quickly losing interest in just life. Nothing is enjoyable, and that's a horrible feeling.

      • grumpybutt


        yes it is a horrible feeling but we must keep going and moving and knowing we are not alone. So many of us out here that could reach out and comfort each other. I'll include in my prayers and know that you are not alone in this struggle.

  • Swerve


    I super relate to the lack of enjoyment. About a week ago, I was super hungry, and was in just well enough financial position to get myself 1 meal without worrying how much it cost. I got a brisket sandwich, with some that dank Mac n cheese you can only get at bbq places. I was really really trying to cheer myself up with a tiny reward to just keep trying despite how miserable I've been. There was nothing wrong with it, I could taste it was delicious. But what I couldn't do was enjoy it. Pov-trying to be nice to yourself, but yourself getting offended that you think "this" is enough to make you happy.

    • AshleeSVU


      so true. I pray that we both find that joy in life again.

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