What’s the best way to take vitamins that doesn’t in-still the need to throw up after? I get that it’s probably the flavour, so does anyone know of any non intrusive vitamins?



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  • Kittypop


    I would also recommend capsules, but the smallest ones you can get ahold of for whatever vitamins you're taking & as much water as you can stomach. The more water, the easier they'll not only go down, but dissolve/digest. Saltines or applesauce are also great options

  • Rei0Noctem


    For vitamins d3 and b12, I use drops. For b vitamins, you can fund drink mixes online if you wanted but you're probably better off with the pill.

  • Dalbir


    Could try gummy bear vitamins or grind it to add into food or mix it into a milkshake or orange juice

  • xhunterjx


    I get my D3 & B2 in prescriptions from my doctor & they work good. They have no taste & are pretty small

  • sorenachy


    My D3 is a small capsule. My calcium is a gummy as is my magnesium. They actually taste pretty good.

  • Apsonsi


    1. Are you taking a multivitamin? Many contain iron and iron on an empty stomach can cause the vomiting sense. I learned the hard way in my 20s. 2. If your meds don't require to be taken on an empty stomach, try eating two bites then taking your meds. This has helped me. 3.Some just taste plain nasty, so I will swap between a soda or juice and a glass of water. (2 sips soda, first pill, 1 of soda, water, water, soda, water, soda, second pill, soda, water, water, water, soda, etc.) Usually I do this about 2:1 and it at least gets the meds IN me. For ones on empty stomach and only water, how do you like it best? Hot, warm, room temp, ice cold? I can only do ice cold and keep a bottle in the fridge just for that.

  • Jai


    I use strawberry kids ones. I find they are softer for my stomach. If you have a health shop like Holland and barret ask in there as they are good with info

  • AnimalBoy


    I use gummies, even for the stuff that makes me nauseous as a side effect and not from taste like iron gummies end up being much easier on your stomach. They make multi vitamin gummies for adults and quite a few different vitamin types as prenatal vitamins. I also have peach D3 gummies that are great. They also make vitamin jello which is fun!

  • Beetlejuul


    My fave vitamins are always soft gels, can’t taste them and they don’t dissolve as fast as pills or capsules

  • sorenachy


    If it's the iron that's upsetting your stomach, look for slow release iron, sometimes called Slow FE. It's gentler on your stomach.

  • YoursTrulyNavy


    I take all my vitamins in fruit-flavored gummies! Makes them much more enjoyable to take than just downing a bunch of pills.

  • Teardrops


    Two of mine are chewable. My multi-vitamin, and Vitamin D3 and the a chewy calcium. The others I swallow whole. When I have eat something. I have several I take for migraines. Some for inflammation and then the bariatric ones( multi. vitamin D3, calcium) I would typically have an iron to take but that included in my multi-vitamin. There is liquid calcium. Maybe that can help with some. People’s profiles!??

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