Is therapy for ADHD really worth it? I feel like an ADHD Coach would be better in establishing solutions to mitigate chaos.


Attention-Deficit Disorder

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  • strugglebus


    I will always recommend therapy no matter the circumstances. I don't know much about coaches, but a therapist may be able to help

  • JuniperIsEgg


    Every person should get a therapy regardless of illness if possible within the realms of budget or insurance. That being said ADHD and your brain have a complicated relationship. The drugs will help with specific symptoms but therapy is most often needed in conjunction with medication to manage as much as possible. A specialized therapist will be able to provide Various strategies on top of helping you truly come to understand your illness. All in all I highly recommend therapy.❤️

  • SoggyWombat


    ADHD presents itself in different ways in different stages of life. I saw a YouTube video that suggested a few thoughts about it, about how it presents itself differently in childhood and adulthood, how it shares some characteristics on the ASD, and how it can affect the ways we process emotions. I'm glad others are talking about therapy cause I need the reminder to set some up for myself.

  • dopaminedeficient


    To be honest therapy wasn't helpful at all for my ADHD. It can't do anything to improve inability to pay attention if that's ur main struggle. Maybe it could help if someone struggles more with like organization or something.

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