my hair loss is getting worse , I keep finding more bald spots every day . I dont feel stressed out idk why I'm having outbreaks for. my bald spots are making me insecure any ways to get my hair back in the spots I lost it? I won't get my shots until October 20

Alopecia Areata


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  • Billwick


    Hi, I suggest you consult your doctor. You need to conduct tests and understand exactly what the cause of your alopecia is, and depending on that, it may be possible to find solutions for it. Have you tried going into a deeper inquiry?

  • hay12


    hi! I also struggle with figuring out why I'm suddenly getting so many bald spots I went a long time without any and all of a sudden I have 3. do you have high testosterone? I read that testosterone levels being higher than normal can make your hair fall out more. when I was on birth control I barely got any over the size of a quarter

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