this is my first post. has anyone else had covid long haulers syndrome? several of my issues didn't start until after I had covid in November of 2020 and so I am just wondering if anyone else felt this way. the biggest thing for me that still lingers is joint pain. I got pregnant this year and the pain actually went away but I'm 10 weeks post partum and I feel like my joint pain is coming back. but I'm not sure either. my anxiety gets the best of me as well and I overthink all the things I'm feeling physically.


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  • Doggy


    Health anxiety is real and you can talk to proffensionals about it. It happens to me too. Sometimes it's nothing, sometimes it's something. Better to ask than to be self-concious, even if you don't get answers.

  • Jerz1006


    I’m wondering if this is what I have. I had a bad high with a panic attack 2020 and my body has never been right since. I get back neck and chest pain everyday every sec almost for 2 yrs now. Went to so many drs. They say anxiety but I only get bad anxiety when the pain becomes unbearable. What do you do for the pain

    • vmartinez6


      I take tylenol or ibuprofen for the pain. I can't sit or stand for too long so movement helps. But I have heat intolerance too so I don't do hard, grueling workouts or anything. It sucks because I feel like I'm so limited and I have kids. I know I shouldn't complain. I know so many people had covid so much worse than me but I'm pretty young. I don't want this to be my life from now on.

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