hey, for anyone who's had s mastectomy.
what do you wish you'd known before getting it or what do you wish you'd asked your surgeon?
do you have any advice in general?



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  • Sox


    I asked my surgeon what complications were likely and what my scars would look like. I'm glad I did, since it managed my expectations. I'm very happy with my results, but the one thing I wish I would've done is rested more. I drove 4 hours home a week after my surgery and tried to get back into regular life. I should have rested (and compressed!) way more!

  • bambipony


    I wish I knew my gender dysphoria was actually due to past abuse, and not that I was trans. I regret the top surgery, hormones, and everything to due with my original transition. I identify as detrans now and am dealing with my past abuse. I feel like a walking freak now due to the transition I did 🥲

    • SplendidSparky


      I'm so sorry that you'd went through that. It's part of the journey sometimes and I'm sure you look amazing (not meaning this in an invalidating way. Your distress over it is valid). I hope you'll be able to find comfort in your own body soon

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