for anyone who has dysautonomia and stomach/digestive issues, do you know a way to determine if you have IBS or not. i think i may have it but i’m not sure if the symptoms i’m having are from dysautonomia only, or because i have IBS. any insight is helpful on this topic as i’m not too familiar with IBS.

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  • Bewell


    I was diagnosed with IBS years ago and was just diagnosed with Dysauntomia. I fully believe they are just alike. The difference is with Dysauntomia your organs are not getting enough blood to them so we are going to have symptoms from every organ. I can say that when I have had severe pain in my lower intestines I took a drug called Bentyl. It stopped all my pain! It was a miracle drug! I took one at night. I think I need to get back on it! Also get checked to make sure you don’t have Celiac Disease. Some people that have Dysauntomia have other illnesses and some don’t! Good luck! 🙏

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