Are any of you on meds for GERD? If you're comfortable with it, can you tell me about your experience?

Esophagitis-Gastroesophageal Reflux Disease (GERD)


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  • Sophialo123


    Hi, I take PPI and it has really helped me lower the acid levels and get rid of the reflux. I suggest going to a gastroenterologist in order to perform a gastroscopic examination and see that it is currently only at the GERD level and has not changed or transformed into malignancy, he will also be able to recommend you the medicine that will be best for you. I went through several medicines until I found the medicine that was right for me.

  • maharahnee


    😥Be aware that a PPI can give you osteoporosis. It prevents absorption of vital vitamins and minerals. Histamine blockers do the same. I only take when I have symptoms and a PPI for 2 weeks at a time. Then try to be more careful with your diet. Keep a journal and find out what triggers your reflux. Sugar, gluten, or something else.

  • BruceWayne


    Hi, i take Pepcid Twice a day every day for GERD. It was recommended to me by my doctor and it works like a miracle,

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