idk quite how to explain this, i think im putting my tampon in wrong or something. this probably isn't the right place to be posting this but i cant really ask my mom she just makes me feel embarrassed if i try to ask anything about my period and i don't know anyone else. i normally don't use tampons because they feel so uncomfortable but someone recently told me you're not supposed to be able to feel it once it's in. i can always feel mine. i've tried looking it up but i cant find a reason why and i've tried inserting it as high up as i can. i've even used one of my fingers to push it up even farther but i still feel it and it's uncomfortable. is that normal or am i doing something wrong. and i couldn't find anything to post this under so i just used all of my conditions sorry idk if im supposed to do that.

Anxiety (Including GAD)

Postural Orthostatic Tachycardia Syndrome (POTS)


Irregular Menstrual Periods

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  • ShadowheartMC


    There are probably videos you can look up to make sure you’re doing it right, but with that said, I also always feel it. That’s why I don’t use tampons. They’re very uncomfortable for me

  • _Robbie_


    I'm not sure what to do about tampons but I think you should try pads or period underwear

    • styx


      i do normally wear pads but they're expensive and they run out a lot faster im trying to use tampons more to save money

  • branypoo


    I wish I could help you :( I’m 32, but have only ever used pads 😮 so I literally have no experience here haha. I can help with any other questions tho! And periods are nothing to be embarrassed about 🤗 They are natural :) Why should we be embarrassed about nature? (answer: we shouldn’t ❤️)

  • AllieMae


    I use tampons! Can’t feel them a bit now, but I used to be able to. I think it takes some time to get used to the feeling. I would keep practicing! You got it! There’s really no wrong way to insert it. As long as all you can see is the string part you should be good! Message me if you need any more help, I’m here :)

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