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1y ago

Tips for Managing High Fatigue/Low Energy Days

Hi! I’m looking for tips on how to get through high fatigue / low energy days. This happens somewhat frequently, and thankfully I’m working from home right now so I have more flexibility (I will be going back in person soon). I woke up this morning and physically struggled to get out of bed, and even once I was able to felt like I was going to pass out trying to make it to my kitchen for coffee, then the same getting to my desk. I feel like I have a terrible hangover, but didn’t consume anything and slept 8 hours last night. Thank you for any ideas/suggestions!

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1y ago

Hello! I would def let your doctor know how you’ve been feeling if you haven’t. You can be deficient in certain vitamins (iron, vit D, etc) If you can, B12 is a good vitamin to take to help boost your energy up a bit! I drink “Zipfizz” that you can be on Amazon. Hope you feel better. :)


1y ago

Hi love. With diabetes this is challenging. I usually just try to accomplish task by task with the burst of energy that I get. It is frustrating but i personally haven't found a balanced way to muscle through my days yet.

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