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What has worked the best for weight loss with PCOS? I just started Metformin. Is it helpful?

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    • GoddessWinter


      Metformin didn’t help me but it could help you everyone is different. I found what has really worked for me was trulicity. I lost 10 lbs my first 2 weeks on it.

    • GoddessWinter


      Metformin didn’t help me but it could help you everyone is different. I found what has really worked for me was trulicity. I lost 10 lbs my first 2 weeks on it.

    • Nix91


      Metformin in my opinion is just a excuse to let people with PCOS eat what they want and then they get punished by the toilet trips. Also you shouldn’t cut out ANY food group. It’s extremely bad for you especially with PCOS as healing this will make you more fertile. And not having the vitamins in said food groups will cause malnutrition and could lead to complications. When trying for a child and in pregnancy. The carbs just go to complex carbs and not simple carbs, dairy you actually need it. Skyr, probiotics, and some others are good for weight loss as it has high percentages of protein. The thing is you can’t live without gluten and dairy for the rest of your life! And If your curing out sugar certain carbs won’t be helpful like veg and fruit…. As the sugar turns into carbs. Which is why you don’t cut them out. Unless you physically need to for gluten or dairy intolerances. I’ve struggled with PCOS for over 14 years, and just hitting the gym increasing your protein intake and being mindful with your portion sizes and what you’re eating is all that matters, I’ve lost over 3 stone in 2 years by cardio and weights, and watching what I eat,. For the cravings I take chromium. Which helps the cravings for sugar

    • Onda


      I started taking Metformin when I was first diagnosed a few years ago, and it helped me get my periods a bit more regularly. I didn't see much of a change in my weight though. It stopped working for me after I got the covid vaccine for some reason, and I didn't get my period for months. My dr took me off the meds and 6 days later I got my period. I had a decent stretch of time where I was getting my period every month own without it, but today I was prescribed it again since it's been a few months.

    • Stargazer84


      Metformin was not very effective in my case

    • MissBee03


      Another bandaid from the doctor I see. 🙄 I have insulin resistance and I take my vitamins and I’m on a gluten-free and dairy-free diet. And doing yoga and light walks does help. I got my personalized diet from a holtic dr which has helped me weed out the foods that cause my inflammation. I don’t mean to rant but goodness. Doctors need to learn to heal and not put “bandaids” on things.

    • Lazydaisy01


      I am recently diagnosed and wasn’t overweight but my doctor did tell me to limit carbs. I immediately cut out a lot of sugar, gluten, and dairy and tried to eat more protein (I’m vegetarian so this was a big effort!) to try to increase my energy levels and it was huge for me. I also took inositol daily. I lost a good amount of weight in a month unintentionally (I’m still a healthy weight) by substituting carbs with protein and fat where I could. Now I can really tell when I have a carb heavy meal how tired it makes me. My mood is also better when I limit sugar and gluten. I even got the courage to start going to low impact workout classes and now I love it. The aspect that I think is most difficult and that I’m still figuring out is sustainability! I knew I couldn’t keep up such a limiting diet forever, and I definitely eat more sugar and gluten now then when I first found out, but I still eat less of it and am kind to myself when I do give into a craving and try not to feel guilty when I want to treat myself or forget to take inositol that day. My psychiatrist was also happy to hear I was taking inositol and also said it helps with weight loss.

    • Valeriababe


      Hi, controlling diabetes can really help with weight loss, but what I found helped me the most was a combination of proper diet and exercise. These two things made the biggest difference in my weight loss. Have you ever been to a nutritionist? mine was also a fitness trainer and she built a menu for me along with a training schedule that really helped me.

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