I'm about to switch from Tecfidera to Ocrevus 🙌🏼 hopeful that it will get my aggressive MS under control because unfortunately Tecfidera isn't doin it for me. Does anyone have experience with Ocrevus? How were the infusions?

Multiple Sclerosis (MS)


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  • Sandra1


    Hi, I have been taking Ocrevus for almost a year now, and I feel there is a good improvement. The drug is a little different in its mechanism of action from Tecfidera. I guess the neurologist who gave it to you knows what he's doing. It's worth starting it and seeing how it helps you, I guess everyone's reaction to the drug is different so it's worth a try.

    • KDaw


      I have taking 3 treatments of Ocrevus. I feel my flare ups are some better. The infusions do take a little while to recover from

  • Joliz


    I’ve been on Ocrevus 1 year and my symptoms are steady-no progression. I have PPMS. I use a cane for walking outdoors. I have used an MS specialist for a year and am much impressed with the care I receive rather than the previous general neurologist. I’m fortunate that I live in a major urban area.

  • Demolition


    I have been on ocrevus for 2 years. Best medicine so far@

  • Kmiracle


    I have had 3 treatments of Ocrevus and it is really helping my MS symptoms stay at base level. Only thing I don't like is the recovery period but once that's over, I'm good to go!!!

  • DTH


    Kesimpta is the same active ingredient but you do a shot once a month at home... kinda pricey though

  • maria.cristina


    Hey! I have used ocrevus for over 3 years now. It has been great tbh, I havent had any secondary effect during infusions at all. I needed some extra infusions of rituximab after the 2 year process but that has been all I needed. I can say with confidence now that I'm in remmission

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