does anyone else sweat excessively when the temperature changes or just randomly? I don't know if I have hyperhidrosis but I learned about it recently and would like some input on what its like for people. I mean, my hands always get so wet that my fingerprint scanner can't recognize me, and I sweat all over the place. my face, underarms, hands, feet all get super sweaty for seemingly no reason.

Excessive Sweating


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  • Anton1980


    Hi, have you looked into this? Excessive sweating can have many reasons, some hormonal, some neurological, and more. If you manage to understand the reason for your excessive sweating, the doctor who sent you may be able to find solutions to help you reduce the amount of sweat and thus improve your life. I know how disturbing it can be, there were times when I would be ashamed to leave the house because I could leave when I was already completely wet. Today I am being treated for it and feel much better.

    • NekoTeto123


      thanks for the message, the sweating has been worse than its ever been these past 2 or so weeks, but I can't do anything about it until I get my insurance sorted out. As soon as that's done tho, I'll be setting up an appt right away

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