Posts on Alike for December 2021

  1. Passing Out During Panic Attacks with POTS
  2. Alternative Methods for Obtaining Medications
  3. Need advice on taking Depakote for bipolar disorder
  4. Dealing with Endometriosis Pain and Prolonged Bleeding
  5. Exercising with Vertigo: Tips and Tricks
  6. Is my Hydroxyzine dosage too high?
  7. Propranolol not working for me
  8. Opinions on Spinal Surgery
  9. Looking for advice on managing PMDD with extended cycle BC pills
  10. Managing Chronic Migraines: Seeking Advice
  11. Constant Shivers and Chills - Seeking Advice
  12. Struggling with Yoga: Need Tips!
  13. Starting Accutane, Need Tips!
  14. Weaning off Venlafaxine and Needing Stronger Benzodiazepines for Anxiety
  15. Dizzy Spells with IUD: Anyone Else?
  16. Non-Medication Tips for Struggling Students with ADHD
  17. New to the app, looking for support and connection
  18. Looking for Fibromyalgia Support and Alternative Treatments
  19. MRI Procedure: Did You Have to Get a Spinal Tap?
  20. Looking for others with Polycythemia Vera
  21. Effective Ways to Lose Weight Safely
  22. How to Get an ASD Diagnosis as an Adult Female?
  23. Why am I always scared?
  24. Struggling to Work: Need Advice
  25. Do you tic more when talking about tics?
  26. How Do You Feel About Benzodiazepines?
  27. Looking for input on taking Crestor for high cholesterol
  28. Struggling with Bipolar 1 and Schizoaffective Disorder
  29. Looking for medication to calm my anxiety
  30. Conceiving with PCOS: Experiences and Advice
  31. Alternative Treatment Options for Chronic Pain?
  32. Living with Chronic Illness: A Day-to-Day Perspective
  33. What Can I Do to Reduce Throwing Up?
  34. How to Advocate for Yourself and Your Needs
  35. How to Stop Constant Anxiety?
  36. Seeking Advice for Gastroenterology Appointment
  37. What's the hardest thing about the holidays?
  38. Finding a Doctor Who Listens
  39. Dealing with Car Anxiety: Coping Skills Needed
  40. Prozac: Yay or Nay?
  41. Introduction and Journey with Mental Illness
  42. Overstimulated in Movie Theatres
  43. Looking for advice on Ovasitol and Inosital for PCOS
  44. How to Get a Service Dog: Tips and Advice
  45. Seeking Advice on Borderline Personality Disorder Diagnosis and Medication
  46. Is it BPD or a Manic Episode?
  47. Pelvic Floor Dysfunction and Therapy: Seeking Advice
  48. Dealing with Numbness: Anxiety Symptom?
  49. Going off medication: seeking natural alternatives
  50. How Many Hours Do You Sleep Each Night?
  51. Looking for Friends and Support with Health Issues
  52. Tips for Lowering Cholesterol?
  53. Struggling with Bipolar: Need Advice
  54. Struggling with Mobility in a Busy Town
  55. Managing Work-Related Stress and Illnesses
  56. Alternative Ways to Manage Anxiety
  57. Coping with Bipolar: Maintaining Friendships
  58. Diagnosed with Bipolar Type 2 - Seeking Advice
  59. Looking for Illness Support and Friendship
  60. Looking for others with EDS
  61. Looking for advice on managing metabolic disorders
  62. Dealing with Social Anxiety: Tips and Tricks
  63. Low Heart Rates with POTS, EDS or Anxiety
  64. Considering a Service Dog: Seeking Advice and Experiences
  65. How does your OCD present?
  66. PCOS and No Periods: Should I Ask for More Medication?
  67. Looking for advice on mobility aids for Rheumatoid Arthritis
  68. Tips for Finding a New Neurologist
  69. Struggling with SIBO and Celiac
  70. Possible Cataplexy Symptoms - What to Watch For?
  71. Dizziness after getting off an elevator
  72. The Long Road to My Schizoaffective Disorder Diagnosis
  73. Looking for Fibromyalgia Medication Advice
  74. Living with Schizoaffective Disorder without Medication
  75. Muscle Tension in Chest with Anxiety
  76. Natural Treatments for Anxiety: Seeking Advice
  77. What's the Best hEDS Advice or Product You've Received?
  78. Struggling to Manage Diabetes Medication with College Schedule
  79. Constant Nausea: Does Anyone Else Experience This?
  80. Diagnosed with A.S. and ADHD - Looking for Others with Similar Experiences
  81. Alternative Treatments for Mental Health?
  82. Struggling to Lose Weight as a Type 1 Diabetic
  83. Looking for Natural Alternatives to Tylenol
  84. Looking for experiences with Lyrica for fibro nerve pain
  85. Advice on Paying for a Service Dog for POTS
  86. Looking for experiences with Xywav for narcolepsy
  87. Making Friends with Similar Disorders
  88. Experiences with Caffeine and UC?
  89. What Caused Your Illness?
  90. Looking for advice on Ankylosing Spondylitis diagnosis
  91. Differentiating Between a Good Day and a Manic Episode
  92. My Celiac Journey: A Personal Account
  93. Using Cannabis for Mental Health and Chronic Pain: Success Stories?
  94. Alternative Ways to Improve Mental Health?
  95. Need advice for managing symptoms of low blood pressure
  96. Living with Bipolar: Seeking Support
  97. Long Term Outlook for Fibromyalgia?
  98. Looking for advice on Type 2 diabetes medication
  99. ADHD Diagnosis in Women: How Long Did It Take?
  100. Do I Have Endometriosis? Worried About Symptoms
  101. Periventricular Brain Lesions and Memory Issues
  102. Dealing with Chronic Pains: Seeking Advice
  103. My First Diagnosis: Epilepsy
  104. Managing Fatigue and Fibro with Mobility Aids
  105. Overcoming Guilt: Eating Without Shame
  106. Feeling Lonely and Sad When Alone
  107. Trouble Eating with My Condition: Is This Normal?
  108. Alternative Mental Health Treatments: What Are My Options?
  109. Looking for Anxiety Support
  110. Bipolar or Misdiagnosed ADHD?
  111. Weening onto medication and irritability
  112. Struggling with Believing My Delusions
  113. Tips for Remembering to Take Your Medication
  114. Struggling with Instant Gratification and Serotonin Hits
  115. Dealing with Psychosomatic Seizures: Tips and Tricks
  116. Looking for a Safe Space to Socialize with Disabilities
  117. Looking for PCOS treatment advice
  118. Does ADD/ADHD Affect Art Block?
  119. Forced to Stop Stimming: Need Advice
  120. What Causes Bloating for IBS?
  121. Looking for Low FODMAP Diet Suggestions
  122. Medication Discussion: What Works for You?
  123. Dealing with Acne in Wrestling
  124. Can a Podiatrist Treat Charcot Marie Tooth Disease?
  125. Coping with Hypothyroidism Labs Anxiety
  126. Periventricular Brain Lesions and Fibromyalgia Diagnosis
  127. Is Irritability a Common Symptom of Depression?
  128. Understanding Depression with Mast Cell
  129. Struggling with Switching: Need Advice
  130. Looking for Advice on Light Therapy for Depression
  131. ADHD: Therapy or Medication?
  132. Best Ways to Relieve Acid Reflux?
  133. Coping with Bipolar Disorder without Medication
  134. Need help with increasing my food intake
  135. What's Your Biggest Health Goal?
  136. Dealing with Anxiety and Work Stress
  137. Tips for Wearing a Holter Monitor for 30 Days
  138. Dealing with Anxiety After a Blood Clot
  139. Need advice for proper nutrition on a liquid diet
  140. Tips for managing chronic illness on a road trip
  141. Overheating Easily: Anyone Else?
  142. Switching from Adderall to Vyvanse: Experiences?
  143. Considering Marijuana for PTSD
  144. How to Tell Friends and Partners About Being a System
  145. CFS and Covid Vaccine: Any Symptoms?
  146. Looking for Fibromyalgia Medication Recommendations
  147. Anyone else experience nocturnal panic attacks?
  148. Do People Experience Random Hand Weakness?
  149. Dealing with Needle Phobia and Nerve Damage from IV Contrast Injection
  150. Apps to Help Function with ADHD and Chronic Pain Conditions
  151. Introducing Myself and My Struggle with TMJ Issues
  152. ADHD and Anxiety: Can You Take Medication for Both?
  153. Struggling to Accept My Chronic Illness
  154. Struggling with ADHD symptoms while taking Setraline for PMDD depression
  155. Experiencing Internal Anxiety and Panic Attacks
  156. Struggling with Insomnia: Need Advice
  157. What's Your Go-To Nausea Relief?
  158. Self-Diagnosis: Is it Reliable?
  159. Looking for Support and Advice on Mental Health
  160. Getting a Medical Marijuana Card: What to Expect
  161. What antidepressants are you on?
  162. Struggling with hEDS and Slow Skin Healing
  163. How to Ground Yourself When Experiencing Sensory Overload
  164. Dealing with Lamictal Side Effects: Nausea and Vomiting
  165. Looking for Connections and Advice on Chronic Health Issues
  166. Dealing with Severe Dissociation
  167. Current Hyperfixation: Let's Share!
  168. Struggling with Accepting My Diagnosis
  169. Struggling to Leave the House for the Gym
  170. Struggling with Social Anxiety Disorder
  171. Anxiety Diagnosis: How Long Did It Take You?
  172. Could my hives be related to my period flare?
  173. Painful and swollen finger joints with MS
  174. Who can diagnose Fibromyalgia?
  175. Getting T as a Minor: Parental Consent and Timeframe
  176. Looking for holistic treatments for fibromyalgia
  177. How to Stop Binge Eating: Tips and Tricks
  178. Struggling with Stress and Weight Loss
  179. Preparing for my Mayo Clinic visit
  180. Autism Symptoms Getting Worse with Age
  181. Introduction of a Neurodiverse Highschooler
  182. Staying Present: Tips and Tricks
  183. Looking for advice on Motergrity for gastroparesis
  184. Struggling with Identity: Seeking Advice
  185. Conservative measures for POTS and dysautonomia
  186. Negative side effects of Zoloft and alternative medications
  187. Moving Forward After Hospitalization: Tips and Advice
  188. Struggling to Remember to Eat? Here's What You Can Do
  189. Struggling to Stay Hydrated
  190. Desperate for EDS Symptom Management Advice
  191. Experiencing Weird 'Zone Out' Episodes - Could It Be Seizures?
  192. Coping with Winter Pain: Tips and Tricks
  193. POTS and Fibromyalgia: Are They Connected?
  194. Movie Recommendations for Endometriosis Recovery
  195. Debilitating Dizziness While Driving: Seeking Advice
  196. Looking for Health Buddies!
  197. Sharing Our System Status with Our Therapist
  198. Does PMDD Affect Eating Disorders?
  199. Motivation to Exercise with POTS
  200. Treatment options for women's health issues
  201. Managing T1D and Mental Health: Seeking Advice
  202. Managing Blood Sugar Levels: Tips and Tricks
  203. Coping with Multiple Medications
  204. Inhalers Making My Heart Race - Asthma Management Help Needed
  205. Understanding the 1-10 Pain Scale
  206. Dealing with Seizures: Looking for Support
  207. Learning to Care for Myself and My Inner Child
  208. Dealing with Plantar Fasciitis Pain: Tips and Advice
  209. New to the app and looking for Crohn's support
  210. Dealing with Nightmares: Prazosin Not Working?
  211. Crying after a seizure
  212. Challenging a Diagnosis: Seeking Advice
  213. Looking for Alternative Methods to Medication
  214. Looking for advice on treatments and testing
  215. Struggling with Fatigue and Mood Swings
  216. Struggling with OCD, Need Help!
  217. Dealing with Seasonal Affective Disorder and Bipolar Disorder
  218. Non-Medical Ways to Manage My Health Conditions
  219. Alternative treatments for ADHD?
  220. ITP Diagnosis - What to Expect?
  221. Dealing with Chronic Pain: Seeking Advice
  222. Unresponsive Therapist: What Should I Do?
  223. Feeling Tired All the Time
  224. Looking for unique ways to consume produce
  225. Alternative Ways to Improve Mental Health
  226. Dealing with Severe Cystic Acne for Over a Year
  227. Dealing with Horrible Period Cramps Without Hormonal Birth Control
  228. Does Depression Make You Crave Spicy Food?
  229. Considering a Hysterectomy for PCOS Symptoms
  230. Muscle Spasm as Anxiety Relief?
  231. The Impact of T1D on Sexual Desires and Performance
  232. Connecting with Others Who Understand Chronic Pain
  233. AFAB with ADHD and Autism: Seeking Advice on Diagnosis
  234. ADHD and Autism: Seeking Advice on Comorbidity
  235. Brain Zaps from Zoloft Withdrawal: Anyone Else Experienced This?
  236. Preparing for Parenthood with Autism
  237. What Diet Do POTS Patients Follow?
  238. Looking for Dry Skin Treatments Without Lotions or Oils
  239. Dealing with Derealization: Any Tips?
  240. Managing Medication During Tough Times
  241. Considering Physical Therapy: Is it Worth It?
  242. Nonbinary Hysterectomy: Questions and Advice
  243. Sleep supplement to offset ADHD meds?
  244. Unidentified Joint Pain: Anyone Else Dealing With It?
  245. Late Diagnosis of Celiac Disease: Coping with Dietary Changes
  246. What Tests Did Doctors Run to Confirm Your PCOS Diagnosis?
  247. Young Adult with Chronic Pain Seeking Like-Minded Pals
  248. Struggling with Motivation on ADHD Medication
  249. Living with FND: How long does it last?
  250. Managing Stress and Panic Attacks Without Medication
  251. Struggling with OCD: How do you manage obsessions?
  252. Lexapro: Pros and Cons
  253. Struggling with Swallowing Pills
  254. Struggling with ADHD meds, looking for advice
  255. Dealing with Grief and Depression: How Long is Too Long?
  256. Distinguishing between EDS and Hyper Mobility Syndrome
  257. Finding Hope and Staying Positive with Mental Health Conditions
  258. Coping with Anxiety Attacks: Tips and Tricks
  259. Ways to Relieve Anxiety?
  260. Can Hypnotherapy Help with Depression, Anxiety, and Insecurity?
  261. Advice on Managing Anxiety at Work
  262. High Dose of Abilify for Bipolar Disorder
  263. Unconventional remedies for chronic pain?
  264. Struggling to Stick to My Medication Schedule
  265. First Time Colonoscopy: Nervous and Need Advice
  266. Do Pineapple and Canola Oil Trigger Your Migraines?
  267. Living with Lupus: Seeking Advice and Support
  268. Best Doctor for Worst Condition?
  269. Experiences with EMDR for DID treatment?
  270. How do you make an income with CFS?
  271. Living with Short Stature Growth Hormone Deficiency
  272. Coping with Negative Thoughts and Suppressed Emotions
  273. Looking for Help with Binge Eating
  274. Low Sex Drive Due to Medications: Any Solutions?
  275. Getting the COVID Booster: What to Expect?
  276. Ways to Feel Your Best Without Medication
  277. Living with CRPS: Isolation, Pain, and a Husband's Drug Problem
  278. Newly Diagnosed with Crohn's Disease - Looking for Support
  279. Dating with CFS: How do you manage?
  280. Tips for Coping with a New Diagnosis
  281. Scared to Talk to a Psychiatrist About Anxiety Meds
  282. Looking to Connect with Others Like Me
  283. Dealing with Anxiety and Its Effects on Health
  284. Dealing with Excessive Sweating in Hands and Feet
  285. Dealing with Chronic Pain: Seeking Advice
  286. Lamotrigine Experience: Looking for Feedback
  287. Looking for PTSD Treatment Options
  288. Non-medicated ways to manage ADD/ADHD
  289. Looking for Organizing Help without Medication
  290. Tips for Dealing with Anxiety and Panic Attacks
  291. Life before and after narcolepsy diagnosis
  292. Switching from Zoloft to Cymbalta: Need Advice
  293. Introducing My Therapist to Alters with Social Interaction Issues
  294. Share Your Tips: Coping with Mental Health Struggles
  295. Need advice on colostomy bag bleeds and irritation
  296. Dealing with Grand Mall Seizures: Seeking Advice
  297. Newly Diagnosed with Chronic Pain: Seeking Tips for Relief and Emotional Regulat…
  298. Shortness of Breath: What to Do?
  299. Specialized Testing and Treatment for Remission
  300. Managing Bipolar and Comorbid Anxiety Disorders
  301. New here and questioning my diagnosis
  302. Difficulty Ranking Pain Severity
  303. Experiencing Sleep Paralysis: How Often and What Does it Feel Like?
  304. How to deal with cold hands, feet and nose?
  305. Dealing with Lupus: My Experience and Symptoms
  306. Teeth Moving from Oral Stimming: Need Suggestions
  307. Has anyone tried Fasenra for asthma?
  308. Managing Chronic Pain and Mental Health on a Budget
  309. How to Quit Smoking and Vaping: A Beginner's Guide
  310. Looking for a Diagnosis: Can Anyone Help?
  311. What are the common BPD symptoms?
  312. Struggling with Discipline and Chronic Illness
  313. Managing Chronic Pain: What Works for You?
  314. Need Help with Allergies and Exercise
  315. Dealing with Chronic Fatigue after Thyroid Removal
  316. Looking for Diabuddies: Type 1 Diabetes Support
  317. Menstruation and Diabetes: High Blood Sugar Woes
  318. Painful Armpit Bump: Seeking Advice
  319. Living with HEDS: Struggling to be Understood
  320. Need advice on diabetes medication
  321. How can I stop pulling out my eyelashes?
  322. Introducing Our Plural System and Seeking Support
  323. Managing Chronic Fatigue from Chronic Migraine
  324. Gabapentin for Fibromyalgia: Is It Worth the Side Effects?
  325. Struggling with ADHD in College
  326. Chronic Productive Cough Since Childhood - Could it be CF?
  327. Has Anyone Had a Good Experience with CBD Oil?
  328. Coping with Anxiety: Tips for Calming Yourself During an Attack
  329. Searching for Understanding with Chronic Conditions
  330. Delta 8 Cannabis: Anyone Else Tried It?
  331. Dealing with Chronic Vomiting and Nausea in the Morning
  332. Understanding hEDS Pain: Symptoms and Treatment
  333. How to Get Diagnosed with BPD: Tips for Young Adults
  334. 20 Years of Chronic Gastritis: What Can I Do?
  335. Anxiety Medication: Should I Change It?
  336. Considering Scoliosis Surgery: Need Advice
  337. What Helps POTS and Dealing with SPD?
  338. Mental Illness and Romantic Relationships
  339. Muscle Spasms: What Could They Be?
  340. Coping with Fibromyalgia: Finding Joy in the Little Things
  341. Struggling with Trichotillomania: Can't Stop Picking Scabs and Pimples
  342. Is Depression Medication a Trap?
  343. Looking for Support and Connection
  344. Has anyone tried saline infusions/IV hydration?
  345. Looking for Young Disabled/Chronically Ill Friends
  346. Dealing with Chronic Hives: Seeking Advice
  347. Struggling to get a BPD diagnosis
  348. Need advice for dealing with gastroparesis after drinking alcohol
  349. Dealing with Sacroilitis: Seeking Advice
  350. How to Calm Claustrophobia in a Car?
  351. Looking for PMDD Support
  352. Struggling with Diagnosis: BPD or Cyclothymia?
  353. Breakfast Struggles on a Gluten-Free, Dairy-Free, and Sugar-Free Diet
  354. Trouble Sleeping: Tips and Tricks
  355. Newly Diagnosed with POTS: What's Next?
  356. Preparing for Laparoscopic Surgery: Tips and Suggestions
  357. How Many Meds Have You Tried?
  358. Best Mobility Aids: What Works for You?
  359. What diets have you tried?
  360. Experiencing Neurological Symptoms with IBS
  361. Coping with Solipsism Syndrome
  362. Considering Upping My Paxil Dosage for OCD
  363. Alternative Treatments for Anxiety, PTSD, Trauma and Pain
  364. Feeling Disconnected from Reality
  365. Introducing Myself: A 17-Year-Old Agender Lesbian with Mobility Aids
  366. Advocating for Myself: Seeking a Diagnosis for Ongoing Stomach Issues
  367. Managing PCOS and Anxiety: Seeking Advice
  368. Considering Surgery: When Did You Make the Decision?
  369. Looking for Support with Dissociation and Therapy Techniques
  370. Dealing with Hallucinations of Ghosts
  371. Prazosin for sleep: anyone else experiencing strange side effects?
  372. Share Your Experience with Latuda: A Mental Health Medication
  373. Struggling with Procrastinating Rest
  374. Caffeine and Bipolar Disorder: Can You Drink Coffee While on Meds?
  375. Endometriosis Pain Relief: What Are My Options?
  376. Struggling with BPD and HPD: Seeking Understanding
  377. Alternative Treatments for Mental Health?
  378. Looking for alternative treatments for adult onset asthma
  379. Do I Need Regular Medical Tests and Treatment?
  380. Weight Gain on HRT: Should I Be Concerned?
  381. Dealing with Executive Dysfunction: Tips and Tricks
  382. Dealing with TMJ Pain: Seeking Advice
  383. Feeling Exhausted for No Reason
  384. Alternative Treatments for Mental Health?
  385. Navigating the Opposite Treatments for POTs and Migraines
  386. What's Your Go-To Alternative Treatment?
  387. Gabapentin and Mood: Any Experiences?
  388. How often should I open up?
  389. Struggling with Brain Fog and Focus
  390. Introducing myself and looking for friends!
  391. Chronic Pain Writers Unite: Let's Share Our Stories
  392. Looking for Personal Experiences with ADHD Symptoms in Women
  393. Reducing OCD: Seeking Advice
  394. Best Mobility Aids: What Works for You?
  395. Dealing with Medication Withdrawal Symptoms
  396. Understanding the Causes of POTS
  397. Share Your Intussusception Story and Recovery
  398. Struggling to get diagnosed with PCOS
  399. Bipolar vs Schizoaffective: How to Tell the Difference
  400. Asking for medication advice
  401. Chest Pain and Tightness - Seeking Advice
  402. Trying Wine with MCAS: Flare or Hangover?
  403. How to Tell if Your Meds are Working?
  404. Struggling with Consistently Taking My Medication
  405. Dealing with Intrusive Thoughts: Seeking Advice
  406. Can Epilepsy Medication Cause Depression and Anxiety?
  407. Struggling with Jealousy and Anger in Bipolar Disorder
  408. Dealing with Chronic Pain in a Physically Demanding Job
  409. Struggling with Mental Health as an Underage Person
  410. Need advice on low platelet count treatment options
  411. Managing Symptoms: What Works Best?
  412. Tips for Dealing with Depression and Major Life Changes
  413. Alternative Treatments for Mental Health Conditions
  414. Introducing Myself and My Health Struggles
  415. Dealing with Joint Pain: Seeking Advice
  416. COVID Vaccine and Lupus: To Take or Not to Take?
  417. Need advice for managing chronic illness flare up
  418. CBD for Fibromyalgia and POTS Symptoms?
  419. Do you have an oral fixation?
  420. Looking for friends who understand DID
  421. Struggling with ADHD and Schoolwork
  422. Living with Seizures: How They Impact Daily Life
  423. Managing ADHD with Vyvanse: Seeking Advice
  424. Struggling with eating habits
  425. How to cope with anxiety when you can't leave?
  426. Struggling to Remember Medication
  427. Exploring Ehlers-Danlos Syndrome Symptoms and Diagnosis
  428. Dealing with Chronic Migraines: Seeking Advice
  429. Seeking Alternatives to Adderall for ADHD-C and PCOS
  430. Managing Depression While Staying Productive
  431. Looking for Support with Epilepsy, Anxiety, and Hypothyroidism
  432. Dealing with Crohn's Flares and Frustration
  433. Dealing with Secondary Tic Disorder as an Adult
  434. How Can I Advocate for Myself to Get a Gastric Emptying Scan?
  435. Understanding ADHD and Neurodiversity: A Personal Journey
  436. Struggling with Fibromyalgia: Seeking Support
  437. Dealing with Nausea During Anxiety Attacks
  438. Sudden Allergy Attack in the Afternoon - What Could Cause It?
  439. Sex with Endometriosis: Is it Always Painful?
  440. Vyvanse vs Adderall: Which One is Better?
  441. Avoiding Gluten Without Becoming a Hermit
  442. Tips for Making Friends with Severe Social Anxiety
  443. Am I Faking ADHD?
  444. Seeking advice on OCD medication
  445. How much salt do you consume in a day?
  446. Looking for a Health Community to Share Experiences
  447. Introducing myself and asking about ADHD
  448. Cold Feet About Top Surgery: Seeking Trans Advice
  449. Dealing with Health Anxiety: Coping Strategies
  450. Reducing Chronic Pain: Supplements and Alternative Treatments
  451. Dealing with Painful and Nauseating Periods
  452. Discovering POTS: Share Your Story
  453. Using Mobility Aids for Fibromyalgia Pain: Tips Needed
  454. Marijuana and Mental Health: Friend or Foe?
  455. Struggling with Blood Sugar Management as a Newly Diagnosed T1 Diabetic
  456. Dealing with Stomach Issues as a Diabetic
  457. Best sleep medication for staying asleep?
  458. Introducing Myself: A Transmasc Individual Who Loves Video Games and Crafting
  459. Concerned about Covid and EDS
  460. Trying to find the right medication
  461. Dealing with Anxiety and Health Issues
  462. Need advice on getting COVID booster with MCAS
  463. Struggling with Dyscalculia
  464. Considering a Service Dog for College
  465. What are your daily coping mechanisms?
  466. Living with Chronic Illness: My Struggle with CRPS, POTS, and PTSD
  467. Managing Vestibular Migraine at Home
  468. Dealing with Executive Dysfunction: Tips and Tricks
  469. Building Tolerance to Vyvanse?
  470. Struggling to Speak: Panic Disorder and Communication
  471. Looking for Information on Hypermobile EDS
  472. Coping with Panic Attacks: Tips and Tricks
  473. Connecting with Others Who Understand Chronic Illness
  474. Coping with Fibromyalgia Pain and Fatigue: Tips and Tricks
  475. Hypersexuality and Mental Health Diagnoses: A Weird Question
  476. How to Have a Good Day in Bed When You're Depressed
  477. When is the best time to take Wellbutrin?
  478. Lower Back Pain and POTS Symptoms
  479. Severe Period Pains and Weight Gain: Need Advice
  480. Help! I can't stop picking my scalp!
  481. Struggling with Stomach Issues
  482. Looking for advice on anxiety/ADHD medication
  483. Non-Medical Ways to Cope with Depression and Borderline
  484. Blue Sclera and hEDS: Indicator of cEDS?
  485. Managing Fibromyalgia Symptoms at School
  486. Tips for Losing Weight After Depo Vera Shot
  487. Looking for Anxiety Support and Connection
  488. Introducing Myself: An Artist, Astrology Enthusiast, and Wicca Learner
  489. Nervous about starting Wellbutrin
  490. Dealing with Chronic Pain: Need Advice
  491. Living with Chronic Illness: Let's Connect and Support Each Other