To nonbinary folks who have had hysterectomies: how did you go about getting it done? Did the process go smoothly? Are there any questions I need to ask during consultations? Generally any advice you could give would be helpful. Thanks!

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  • freshlydeliveredpal


    Hi friend! I have started the process for getting a hysterectomy. My first visit did not go smoothly, and I was pushed to be put on birth control instead. After that, I went to a more local clinic, and had a really great discussion. My doctor’s only concern was that they personally didn’t do hysterectomies anymore and some individuals may feel uncomfortable about performing a hysterectomy on someone my age; however, my doctor PERSONALLY reached out to the 30-something other doctors who do perform the surgery to ask about my situation, and I got a solid handful of doctors to reply back that felt comfortable with my situation and age. My recommendations: find an LGBTQ+ friendly doctor if you’re able, ask if your age will be an issue (move on to a different doctor if they say it will be an issue), and start a conversation with your insurance provider about potential coverage for the procedure. Hope this helped!! 👍

  • thistle


    Hey! So, my identity is kinda up on the air rn, but I am trans and have had a hysto. I know a lot of other people experience different things, but here is mine. I had a fairly easy time getting it done. I was seeing an obgyn who specialized in pelvic pain (which I had a lot of at the time). I got it at the age of 18. I needed to talk with two "gender specific" therapists to get my letter. I made sure to write down every reason why I needed it and made sure to be descriptive. Inability to get pregnant, avoid future dysphoria inducing checkups, solving chronic pain problems, preventive, overall congruence,etc. But in general it was an easy process. I got a total hysto, so nothing was left behind. I do worry that if I am ever unable to access my T that I will be unable to get the hormones I need,but my doc said with the pain it would be best not to leave an ovary. It was a toss up, but I'm happy. I wish you well on your journey, try finding knowledgeable doctors/ ask others in the community near you if they have any experience with certain doctors! Be well, friend!

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