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Hello. I’m new here. Not sure how all this works. Guess I’m just supposed to ask a question…so here it goes… Anyone have tips on how to deal with depression and major life changes? Long story short, I’ve been struggling with adjusting to a new lifestyle and grief for the past couple years. I do take medication, which helps. Sometimes I fall into an episode and it can be hard to pull myself back out. I’m not adjusting as well as I hoped but I’m still not at the point where I feel like it’s out of control. I think I just need some advice on how to manage and tips on what helps to make things easier. So, if anyone has experienced anything similar, I would really appreciate if you shared what has worked for you. Thanks in advance.

    • DumbJock


      Change is a major trigger for me. Any kind of change triggers major episodes with all of my illnesses. Something I try is having a sort of consistency no matter where I am or what’s happening. For instance I just moved across states which is scary, but back in my old state and my new state, I’ve vowed to take my pup to the park a certain number of times a week and I make an exceptional effort to abide by that. Then slowly build up more and more habits like that. Exercising is really good. My favorite form of exercise is walking! WithOUT music! Listen to the sounds around your neighborhood, familiarize yourself with the streets around your house, get to know your nearby shops. I also like to go donate blood every 2-3 months. Find some good people to do these new habits with you. I really hope you find the help you’re looking for! ❤️

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