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I’ve been working on setting up top surgery for years (on & off) & months more dedicatedly. I have my unofficial insurance approval & my doctors all set up, I’m just waiting for a surgery date. But now I’m getting cold feet (cold tits?). I know I want to get rid of my nipples, and I bind most of the time unless I’m in pain or my clothes are baggy enough. But part of me is like “but what if I WANT boobs!!” So I’m like, looking out for a sexy bra / boob-forward clothing piece to try on and see how I feel about it, but I don’t particularly want to buy something expensive that is gonna make me dysphoric. I’m looking for trans advice/thoughts only thanks~

    • thistle


      Check out if you have any trans centers near you that offers clothing! And look at thrift stores! Also like, look for people who have gotten top surgery who didn't keep their nipples. Somtimes versatile representation is helpful. Oliverdeansnow and frankievanian on TikTok both have had top surgery and didn't get nipples. Different body types, but you can maybe see how they express themselves. Getting cold feet is normal. Listen to your body. Try everything out. I've seen people who get top surgery, but buy a breast plate after. So it like they are detachable if you ever want them. Also don't feel bad if you want to wait longer. There isn't any shame in it. Everyone's journey is different. I wish you the best of luck friend!!

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