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Hi! My name is Bruce :) I am 18 yrs old and I am a gay trans man! I have a lot of health issues (which is obvious by my profile... lol) but the ones that are most prevalent/currently affect me the most are Dissociative Identity Disorder, Schizoaffective Disorder, Autism Spectrum Disorder, and Hypermobile Joint Syndrome. I have been receiving therapy since I was 7 in 2010, and I have been taking medications since I was 12 in 2015, when a lot of my mental illnesses started showing symptoms. My parents are both medical professionals (my dad is a general practitioner and my mom is a social worker) so I was able to get the help I needed but with a lot of personal stuff it can be hard for them to help me because of our personal relationship. I've been seeing my current therapist since 2018 and I LOVE her, she's so helpful for me, and all my current medications seem to be working. The only things I need to do now to help with my mental illness is learning to heal from trauma and learning to cope with symptoms. I hope I can help some of you all too, as I like helping others with their mental health journeys! Much love!!! Bruce

    • Dark_Johnny


      Hi Bruce! It's inspiring to hear your journey! We're lucky to have you in our community. I'm looking forward to hearing some tips from your experience.

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