I’m not exactly sure what this pertains to, but lately I’ve been having terrible allergies. However, it’s not a normal cold where I’m always feeling congested or sick consistently. I seem to wake up fine and go about most of my day with no problems at all, but always around 3-4 in the afternoon, I get hit with a terrible allergies where my nose just closes up, I can’t stop sneezing, my eyes itch and I can barely breathe. I usually take allergy medication and it’s resolved after a few hours. I don’t leave the house or do anything different that would cause a sudden trigger in allergies, and I’m in the same apartment I’ve been in for the duration of the day, so it’s not like a location change would trigger this. Does anybody else experience this or know what might cause the sudden, but not long lasting allergy attack?

  • UnluckyUnicorn


    Are you eating something or using something at that time that could be triggering it?

  • Bloomingalchemy60


    I wouldn’t think it’s anything I’ve been eating as I don’t typically eat within super close proximity to the attacks, it’s also the same objects (in my bedroom) I’ve been surrounded by the majority of the day and it’s cleaned and vacuumed frequently. I will keep note of what I’m doing around the time of the attacks though and see if I can get to the bottom of it! 🖤

  • Chronic_In_College


    Have you heard of mast cell activation syndrome? It sounds like it’s worth looking into. In the simplest terms, it’s like an ongoing allergic reaction. Around 3-4pm your body naturally has a “histamine dump,” which often causes people with this condition to feel crappy around that time of day, myself included. Try finding an allergist/immunologist who specializes or at least has heard of MCAS. It’s more common than people realize but it was only discovered ~15 years ago so most practicing doctors haven’t learned about it

  • Saxat


    I’d ask your landlord if anyone recently moved in with a pet! Ventilation can carry allergens

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