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Hey there! While I have not been actually diagnosed with BPD, I am interested in making an appointment somewhere to find the proper dx for me (even if it happens to be something else). I really think I do have BPD, because I have highs and lows, I can become very irritable easily, I am very passionate and then very depressed for periods of time, I also have always had a paranoia that people close to me will do something against me or I don't fully trust them. Sometimes, I absolutely love my husband and then he will do or say something that sets me off, and then I just wanna divorce him, when realistically I love him and do not wanna leave him at all. Does anyone have any ideas on where I should schedule an appointment? Which medications should I talk to my doctor about if I am BPD? Anything that comes to mind regarding your experience with BPD, I would like to read about it.

    • skye


      I went in for neuropsycological testing. A psychiatrist made my diagnosis. As for medication: there is no one true medication for BPD. Only medications that help manage symptoms. As for the therapy that helped the most, it was CBT and somatic therapy. It helps with the emotion dysregulation

    • Strawberry


      Some of your descriptions remind me of stories from my life, but they don't make you BPD for sure. My psychiatrist made my diagnosis. So if you are seeking a diagnosis you should also meet a psychiatrist. And as for treatment - the one that helped me the most was CBT. I recommend you ask for it.

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