Has anyone had a good experience with CBD oil/gummies/etc for chronic pain or mental illness? My therapist suggested it once but they’re expensive, and the one time I did try them, I don’t really think they helped.

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  • skye


    So it's going to depend on how you ingest the CBD and whether it's broad spectrum (CBD only) or full spectrum (CBD + .03% THC). Full spectrum will not get you high. It acts like a booster for the CBD itself. Now, as for CBD oil, it's more of a tincture and you need to leave it under your tongue for a bit to get absorbed. Gummies or other edibles are just that. Vaping it and smoking it may be more effective for you if ingesting it through your mouth didn't work. As for chronic pain, they also do have topicals which can be applied to the spot that you're having pain. They tend to be more effective for pain than gummies/tinctures.

  • moonwxtcher


    i myself am trying to get into cbd/thc blend for mental illness. i’ve only had carts with >5% CBD so idk if it has done anything :/ i remember i took cbd gummies for like a week every morning and I did feel better. gonna have to go to a dispensary bc i can’t seem to get enough cbd % in carts for it to be effective, but can’t have too much or else you won’t feel as high *sigh* gotta find the perfect balance, good luck my friend

  • Princess911


    I use CBD oil that is thc free and it helps a lot. If I know it’s going to be a stressful day o make sure I take some when i get up and there is a huge difference

  • EmilyRose


    Checkout CBDfx brand - they have a line of cbd sublingual strips. That’s the only cbd product that I’ve really felt have worked for me

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