is a podiatrist able to provide sufficient care for Charcot Marie Tooth disease?

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ֹCharcot Marie Tooth Disease (CMT)

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  • Dreamer22


    I had to see a neurologist for a few times with my CMT. He decided the treatment, and my pediatrician made the follow ups

  • CW808


    I’d say a hard no to that!

  • Ms.maam


    No they are not. As someone said above, you want to find yourself a neurologist. Cmt is in the nerves and muscles in your whole body. It will target some spots like hands and feet, but it is in your whole body so a podiatrist wouldn't be able to do anything for you. A neurologist is what is best for cmt. Best of luck!

  • Gwolfgarona


    A podiatrist is helpful for care of hammer toes, calluses, arch support, and other general care that can be difficult for us on a regular basis. That is in addition to not instead of neurologist support for the underlying causes and long term study.

  • stevenweb


    If you can actually help its spreading my arms legs lungs rash all over my body

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