Posts on Alike for January 2023

  1. Living with Visual Snow Syndrome: Share Your Experience
  2. Missing Church Due to Overstimulation
  3. Has anyone had success with Botox for migraines?
  4. Taking the First Step: My Journey to Better Mental Health
  5. Dealing with Anxiety: Need Advice
  6. Struggling with ADHD and Socializing
  7. Looking for DID/OSDD specialists in Central Illinois/Iowa
  8. Graduation Stress: Coping with Anxiety and Medication
  9. Stuffy Noses and Anxiety: Am I Alone?
  10. Dealing with Panic Attacks: Need Help!
  11. Always Tired: How to Combat Fatigue
  12. Trying to be Single with BPD: Help or Hindrance?
  13. How to Take Thyroid Meds When Eating All Day Long?
  14. Struggling with ADHD and Chronic Procrastination
  15. Living with Remitting Relapsing MS: A Challenging Year
  16. Jewelry and Makeup Woes
  17. Weird Experience Last Night: Dissociation or Absence Seizure?
  18. Dealing with Misunderstanding of D.I.D.
  19. Can't sleep, tried everything!
  20. Struggling with Chronic Pain: Is it Fibromyalgia?
  21. How Informed Do You Feel About Pain Management?
  22. Adjusting to Hypersensitivity: Seeking Advice
  23. Aching Toes and Burning Sensation - Seeking Advice
  24. Dealing with Crying Fits Due to Sensory Issues
  25. Abdominal discomfort and loss of appetite
  26. Does Medication Really Help with Anxiety and Depression?
  27. Managing Major FM Fatigue: Seeking Tips and Support
  28. Feeling Ignored by Medical Professionals
  29. Chronic Throat Clearing: Seeking Advice and Opinions
  30. Advice for when you're not feeling hungry?
  31. Struggling with Overeating: Need Help!
  32. Managing PCOS: Tips and Advice
  33. Chest Pain from Anxiety: Is it Normal?
  34. Introducing Myself and My Chronic Conditions
  35. Seeking Advice on Pursuing Ehlers Danlos Diagnosis
  36. Dealing with Overwhelming Sensory Sensitivity
  37. Questioning if I'm Bipolar: Seeking Advice
  38. Need Help with Chronic Headaches
  39. Do I have autism? Seeking opinions and advice
  40. Tips for Motivating Yourself on Low Energy Days
  41. Looking for a better electrolyte drink for POTS symptoms
  42. Making Friends with Chronic Illness in Your 20's
  43. Panic Attacks in Dreams: Can't Escape
  44. Dealing with Weak Hands and Feet Due to Small Fiber Neuropathy
  45. Requesting Work Accommodations and Medical Evidence from Doctor
  46. Dealing with Depression on a Sunday
  47. How to Stay Motivated with Physical Therapy Exercises?
  48. Can I Get Diagnosed for Depression Anonymously and for Free?
  49. Dealing with Emetophobia: Fear of Vomiting
  50. Navigating Love in Medically Induced Menopause
  51. Skin-eating as a coping mechanism for ASD individuals
  52. Dealing with Anxiety at School
  53. Dealing with IBS and Anxiety: Need Advice
  54. Dealing with Low Motivation: Tips and Advice
  55. Using Mobility Aids: Facing Adversity and Judgement
  56. Struggling to Eat Enough Food for Medications
  57. Warm Sensation During Panic Attacks
  58. Withdrawal Symptoms After Miscommunication with Medication Refill
  59. Struggling with Self-Harm: How to Regulate Lip and Nail Biting?
  60. Symptoms of Vitamin B12 Deficiency: What to Look Out For
  61. Where to Inject Auto-Injectors?
  62. How has your diet affected inflammation?
  63. Managing Nausea While Taking Multiple Medications
  64. Dealing with Health Anxiety and Physical Health Issues
  65. Dealing with Chronic Pain: Tips and Tricks
  66. Different Types of Autism - Which One Do I Have?
  67. How to Get Rid of High Blood Pressure?
  68. Struggling with Chronic Pain: Seeking Advice
  69. Figuring Out My Food Sensitivities After GJ Tube Surgery
  70. Living with Asthma and Chronic Illness: My Story
  71. Looking for others with Schizoaffective disorder
  72. Morning routines for people with ADHD
  73. Emgality for Migraines: Does it Work?
  74. Dealing with Chronic Pain While Walking
  75. Can't Sleep, Need Help
  76. Navigating Life After an Autism Diagnosis
  77. Seeking Autism Diagnosis as an AFAB Non-Binary Person in the UK
  78. Struggling with BPD and Housing
  79. PCOS and Hair Thinning: Any Recommendations?
  80. Tips for dealing with daily panic attacks?
  81. Allergy Test Results Don't Match Symptoms - What Next?
  82. Feeling Low: Seeking Advice for Depression
  83. Feeling Weird: Can't Decide What to Do
  84. Skeptical about this app, but hoping it will motivate me to get checked up
  85. Strategies for Knitting/Crocheting with Hypermobility Syndrome
  86. Dealing with Chronic Nausea and Gag Reflex due to Inflamed Esophagus
  87. Severe Foot Pain with Fibromyalgia: Seeking Advice
  88. Dealing with Post-Meltdown Exhaustion
  89. Dealing with IBS Symptoms: Cramping, Constipation, and Nausea
  90. Dealing with Excessive Nausea While Eating
  91. Painful toilet trips with IBS-D: Leg pain normal?
  92. Struggling to Recall Symptoms for Appointments
  93. Need advice on getting through anxiety and depression
  94. Severe Abdominal Pain and Sciatica Shooting Pains
  95. Struggling to Adjust My Sleep Schedule
  96. Pain by Left Breast: Should I Be Worried?
  97. Struggling with Hoarding OCD
  98. Struggling with Epilepsy: Seeking Advice
  99. Possible POTS Diagnosis - Seeking Advice
  100. Zoloft Dosage Inquiry: What's Your Experience?
  101. Can't focus on anything until I find twine
  102. Low Vitamin D, High Cholesterol, and Starting Lexapro
  103. Newly Diagnosed with Fibromyalgia: Need Help Managing Pain and Work
  104. Struggling with Post-Surgery Pain and Fatigue
  105. Should I Take Supplements for My Mental Health?
  106. Finally Got a Diagnosis for My Chronic Symptoms!
  107. Looking for experiences with seroquel for bipolar disorder
  108. Introduction and Epilepsy
  109. Struggling to Keep Up with Medication After Hospitalization
  110. Looking for Advice on Nerve Pain Meds for Fibromyalgia
  111. Anxiety or POTS? Why You Should Speak to Your Doctor
  112. Applying for Blue Badge and PIP in the UK
  113. Struggling with Fibromyalgia and Fatigue
  114. How to get an ASD diagnosis?
  115. Struggling with Anxiety and Finances
  116. Looking for advice on supplements
  117. Need advice on getting a power chair with Medicaid
  118. Need help understanding bipolar disorder diagnosis in the UK
  119. Breaking the Cycle of Hot Shower Addiction
  120. Tips for Remembering Medication
  121. Experiencing Dizziness for 24 Hours - Seeking Advice
  122. Neck pain and tension spreading to clavicles
  123. What to do about Shoulder Pain?
  124. Is it worth pursuing an EDS diagnosis?
  125. Frequent Spotting with PCOS: Anyone Else?
  126. Dealing with Anger and Manic Episodes in Bipolar Disorder
  127. Understanding Meltdowns and Shutdowns in Adult Women with Autism
  128. Dealing with a POTS Diagnosis: Seeking Advice and Support
  129. Worried about my fertility with PCOS and IUD
  130. Looking for a Friend Who Understands My Mental Illness
  131. Looking for advice on working with a nutritionist
  132. Experiencing Deja Vu and Panic Attacks
  133. Chronic Abdominal Pain: Seeking Answers
  134. Struggling with Fatigue and Guilt
  135. Coping with Fibromyalgia: Seeking Independence
  136. Looking for Support with Chronic Illness and Mental Health Struggles
  137. Advice on Jobs for Chronically Ill Person?
  138. Depression and Medication: Can You Still Feel It?
  139. Trying to Become a Morning Person: Advice Needed
  140. Unknown Stomach Issue: Heavy Full Feeling and Nausea
  141. Chronic Migraines and Neck Pain
  142. Do You Have Fibromyalgia and Allergies?
  143. 21 Year Old Female Seeking FND Support
  144. Should I Ask for an Autism Diagnosis?
  145. What Are the Best Ways to Manage Daily Anxiety?
  146. Managing Chronic Illness: My Experience with POTS and Fibromyalgia
  147. Meet Brownie: A Chronic Illness Warrior and Community Leader
  148. Looking for Effective As-Needed Anxiety Meds
  149. Struggling to Get Diagnosed: My Frustrating Journey
  150. Migraine on the First Day of School
  151. Ten Years with Fibromyalgia: A Reflection
  152. Feeling Like a Different Person: Anyone Else?
  153. Weird Breathing: Struggling to Take a Full Breath
  154. Managing Parenting, Work, and Chores: Tips Needed
  155. Loved and Hated Birth Control: Share Your Experience
  156. Linzess for IBS-C: Experiences?
  157. Experiencing Lightheadedness and Dizziness on Propranolol
  158. Physical Issues and Autism: Anyone Else?
  159. New to Endometriosis: Heavy Periods, Migraines, and Nausea
  160. Dealing with Severe Sciatica Nerve Pain
  161. Coping with Brain Fog: Tips and Tricks
  162. What does a small allergic reaction feel like?
  163. Looking for others with LOX mutation and symptoms similar to classic/classic lik…
  164. Childhood Dissociation and Current Struggles with Derealization
  165. Tips for Starting Testosterone as a Trans AFAB Person
  166. Managing Eczema Itching: OTC Options?
  167. Need advice on medical referrals for back pain
  168. Recommendations for ADHD and Autism Treatments
  169. Is EMDR Therapy Effective? Seeking Advice
  170. Need help with driving anxiety
  171. Need coping skills for disassociation due to sensory issues and anxiety
  172. Diagnosed with Sjögren’s syndrome: Seeking Advice
  173. Irregular periods with endometriosis?
  174. Dealing with Paranoia in Friendships
  175. Help with New Symptoms
  176. New to the App and Looking for Support with Chronic Illness
  177. Dealing with Hemiplegic Migraines: Any Tips?
  178. Struggling with Eating and Nausea
  179. Looking for Suggestions for a Good Meal Replacement Drink
  180. Share Your Medication Journey with Us
  181. How to Handle Panic Attacks While Driving
  182. Looking for Friends with Similar Conditions
  183. BPD and Introversion: Am I Alone?
  184. Looking for TMJ treatment options
  185. Reducing My Meds: A Struggle with Side Effects
  186. Looking for feedback on propranolol for anxiety
  187. How to Advocate for Yourself with Your Doctor
  188. ADOS Assessment as an Adult/Young Adult
  189. Struggling with weight gain due to fibromyalgia
  190. Connecting with Others Who Understand My Mental Health Struggles
  191. Can ADHD cause sensory issues?
  192. Living with Fibromyalgia: How it Affects My Life and Family
  193. Struggling with Motivation and Mental Health
  194. Getting diagnosed with hEDS: why it matters
  195. Struggling to Change Bad Habits with ADHD Medication
  196. Dealing with Multiple Chronic Illnesses
  197. Struggling with ADHD Medication Side Effects
  198. Need Help Identifying My Allergy Symptoms
  199. Getting a Doctor to Listen: Tips for POTS Patients
  200. Struggling with ADHD and Eating Habits
  201. Improving Health: What Are You Taking Up This Year?
  202. Biting the Inside of My Cheek and Lips
  203. Sleep Paralysis and Terrifying Visions
  204. Do I Really Have Chronic Pain?
  205. Looking for experiences with sympathectomy for hyperhidrosis
  206. Chronic Pain and Tattoos: Can They Coexist?
  207. Chronic Symptoms and No Diagnosis: Seeking Advice
  208. Pain after Gallbladder Removal - Need Advice
  209. Overcoming Chronic Pain and Social Anxiety
  210. Dealing with ADHD and OCD in a Relationship
  211. Switching to Latuda: What Should I Expect?
  212. Escitalopram Side Effects - Anyone Else Experienced This?
  213. Looking for a Heart Rate Tracker without Subscription and Bells and Whistles
  214. New Research on Long COVID and Fibromyalgia
  215. Looking for Hashimoto's Treatment Advice
  216. Considering Hormone Therapy: Need Advice
  217. Feeling Overly Involved with Media and Celebrities
  218. The Struggle of Living with a Chronic Illness
  219. Managing Stress: Tips and Tricks
  220. Short Hair Due to Headaches: Coping Strategies?
  221. Stomach Pain and Bloating with EDS and POTS
  222. Dealing with Chronic Fatigue: Tips and Tricks
  223. Struggling to Eat: Is it Linked to Autism?
  224. Dealing with Mood Swings: Tips and Tricks
  225. Weird thing happened during my seizure
  226. Has Anyone Noticed Changes with Aripiprazole for Tics?
  227. Using THC for Borderline: Does it Help?
  228. Dealing with Dental Anxiety
  229. New to Fibromyalgia and Primary Sjogrens Syndrome
  230. Feeling Alone and Misunderstood
  231. Coping with Chronic Illness: How Do You Do It?
  232. Can blood pool in your hands?
  233. Stomach Troubles Since New Year's Eve
  234. Looking for POTS treatment advice
  235. Seeking advice on pregnancy with symptoms
  236. Finding a Doctor Who Listens to You: A PSA
  237. Parenting with Chronic Illness: Seeking Tips and Advice
  238. Sertraline causing ear pressure and mood swings?
  239. Tips for Managing Fibromyalgia Pain
  240. Looking for Fatigue Treatment for Fibromyalgia
  241. Self-Care Ideas and Coping Strategies for Bath Time
  242. Struggling with Sleep: Can't Stay Asleep
  243. Dealing with Dyspnea: Seeking Advice
  244. Why are my nails turning blue?
  245. Concerns about taking Prazosin for nightmares
  246. Yoga for Fibromyalgia: Does it Help?
  247. Do Depressive Episodes Affect Love for Partners?
  248. Weight gain on escitalopram or nexplanon?
  249. Newly diagnosed with POTS, looking for drug-free treatment options
  250. How can I cheer up my wife with BPD and anxiety?
  251. Managing ADHD, Anxiety, and Depression: Seeking Advice
  252. Introduction and Struggles with Mental Health
  253. Lactose intolerance after surgery?
  254. Brain fog and anxiety: is it normal?
  255. Red Lines on Thighs and Knees - Should I Be Concerned?
  256. Looking for support with PCOS and weight loss
  257. Weird Relationship with Painkillers
  258. Looking for Advice on Epilepsy Medication
  259. Managing GERD: Tips and Tricks
  260. Introducing Myself and Sharing What Works for My Fibromyalgia
  261. Navigating Different Beliefs in a System
  262. Need advice on my 3-lead ePatch Holter monitor
  263. Feeling Disconnected: Struggling with Reality
  264. Nervous about my first catheter ablation
  265. Looking for Ankylosing Spondylitis Diagnosis without HLA-B27 Marker or Soft Tiss…
  266. Living with Multiple Mental Health Conditions: Share Your Story
  267. New Mom Navigating Fibromyalgia
  268. Need advice on blood sugars and Type 1 Diabetes
  269. Tips for Avoiding Relapse
  270. Advice on getting an MRI for undiagnosed health issues
  271. Tips for Overcoming Anxiety and Going Outside
  272. Exercising with Joint Pain: How to Avoid Bedrest for a Week?
  273. Dealing with anxiety after a near-accident while driving
  274. Experiencing New Fibromyalgia Symptoms on One Side of My Body
  275. Feeling Unwell and Shivering for No Reason
  276. Panic Attack vs Anxiety Attack: What's the Difference?
  277. Struggling with Taste Loss After COVID-19 Recovery
  278. AS and Hand Pain: Does Anyone Else Experience This?
  279. Looking for AS diagnosis in Midwestern U.S.
  280. Uncomfortable with IUI, Need Advice
  281. How to Stop Annoying Intrusive Thoughts?
  282. Coping with constant anxiety and irritability
  283. Considering Orilissa for Endometriosis: Any Experiences?
  284. Dealing with Rapid Heart Rate and Anxiety
  285. Improving Rheumatoid Arthritis Symptoms with Autoimmune Diet
  286. Weening off Duloxetine: Experiencing Withdrawal Symptoms
  287. Looking for ME Treatment Recommendations
  288. Need Help Getting Tested for Autism
  289. Trying out guided imagery and breathing exercises for ME/CFS
  290. Starting Abilify: Looking for Advice and Experiences
  291. Dealing with Health Anxiety
  292. Pregnancy and Exercise with POTS: Seeking Advice
  293. What's the Best Way to Lose Weight?
  294. Feeling Invalidated with Chronic Illness
  295. Abilify causing restlessness and jitteriness?
  296. Managing Anxiety in Class: Tips and Tricks
  297. Managing Joint Pain at Work: Need Suggestions
  298. Coping with Panic Attacks: Tips and Tricks
  299. Desperately Seeking Diagnosis for Leg Health Issues
  300. Need Help Losing Weight
  301. Tips for Coping with Attachment Issues and Anxiety
  302. Is it normal to not remember anything before age 7?
  303. Navigating Sensory Issues in a Relationship
  304. Help! I'm Losing My Hair!
  305. Living with ADD: Tips for Unmedicated Individuals
  306. Best Supplements and Where to Get Them?
  307. Personality Change After Traumatic Brain Injury
  308. Pregnancy and Chronic Illness: My Worries and Questions
  309. Dealing with Schizophrenia and Health Issues
  310. Seeking Autism Diagnosis: Who Should I Talk To?
  311. Fragility of the Human Body
  312. Need Help Managing Pain Before Endometriosis Surgery
  313. Looking for Someone with Similar Crohn's Disease Symptoms
  314. Celebrating the end of medical treatments with a new piercing!
  315. Dealing with Intestinal Inflammation
  316. Dealing with Panic Attacks: Seeking Advice
  317. Taking Spironolactone with POTS: Any Experiences?
  318. Seeking Support for My Medical Problems
  319. Dealing with Chest Pains: Is it Costocondritis?
  320. Decompression Surgery for Chiari Malformation: Was it Worth It?
  321. Feeding Tube Cramping with COVID-19 Recovery
  322. Partial Hospitalization Programs: Opinions?
  323. Looking for advice on pain relief medication
  324. Dealing with Overwhelming Stress
  325. What are your anxiety triggers?
  326. Accidentally Stopped Meds: Withdrawal Hell
  327. Need Low Cholesterol Meal Suggestions
  328. Seeking Validation for Dyslexia Diagnosis
  329. Laparoscopy Side Effects: Dizziness, Blurry Vision, and More
  330. Plant-Based Diet for POTS: Experiences?
  331. Exploring ADHD/ADD Medication Options
  332. Looking for the Best Pillow for Chronic Neck Pain
  333. Sudden Increase in Heart Rate and Temperature
  334. Diagnosed with Mild Scoliosis - Seeking Advice
  335. Recovering from Cannabis Dependence: Need Help!
  336. Sudden Anxiety Attack While With My Daughter
  337. Need Distractions from Panic Attack
  338. Feeling Low and Lonely: Seeking Advice for My Mental Health Journey
  339. PCOS and Menstruation: Is it Dangerous to Not Induce a Period?
  340. Blood in stool with endo?
  341. Looking for OCD advice and support
  342. Feeling Nauseous and Coughing - Need Answers!
  343. Trouble Sleeping Tonight, Anyone Else?
  344. Tips for Swimmers with POTS?
  345. Do People with POTS Use a Cane?
  346. Intense Dance Class Left Me in Pain
  347. Trouble Waking Up in the Mornings
  348. Experiences with BPD Medication?
  349. Struggling with Therapy Sessions
  350. Physical pain from emotional stress - what's happening?
  351. Dealing with Severe Reflux Issues
  352. ER Visit for Cardiology Follow-Up
  353. Autistic Shutdowns: Does Anyone Else Fall Asleep When Overloaded?
  354. Chronic Epigastric Pain with Endometriosis: Anyone Else?
  355. Managing a Healthy Relationship with Bipolar Disorder
  356. Looking for Diabetes Medication Recommendations
  357. Possible OCD Diagnosis with ADHD and Autism
  358. Struggling with a Misdiagnosis: BPD vs Depression
  359. Constant Lightheadedness: What Could Be the Cause?
  360. Nausea and Headaches with POTS Symptoms
  361. Physical pain due to emotional stress
  362. Should I Get Tested for Autism?
  363. Recommendations for Heart Rate Apps for Apple Watch/iPhone?
  364. Cautionary Tale: My Experience with Cannabis and CHS
  365. Fibromyalgia pain in joints after activity
  366. Discovering My Alters: Seeking Advice on Communication and Safety
  367. Dealing with Mood Swings in Relationships
  368. Looking for Zoloft experiences
  369. Struggling with Hormones After Endo Surgery
  370. My experience with an anti-inflammatory diet
  371. New to the App and Struggling with Joint Pain
  372. My Gastroparesis Journey: From Diagnosis to Surgery
  373. Naming My Infusion Pump: A Medical Comedy
  374. Dealing with Depression Triggered by Physical Pain Flares
  375. Dealing with Anxiety on the First Day of a New Job
  376. Understanding Heart Rate: What's Normal and What's Not
  377. Struggling with Artificial Happiness from Medication
  378. Struggling with High Blood Sugar Levels
  379. Nighttime Struggles with Pain and Depression
  380. Struggling with Insomnia and Needing Friends
  381. Better Help for Online Therapy: Any Reviews?
  382. Advice for a Computer-Based Course with Hypermobility?
  383. Dealing with POTS Flare Ups: Seeking Advice
  384. Dealing with Intense Gas Pain and Nausea
  385. How to ask for a medical referral without offending my APRN?
  386. Has anyone regained full strength after carpal tunnel surgery?
  387. Need advice on tingling hands and feet with headache
  388. Mental Health and Sickness
  389. Tips for Managing Neck Pain with Cervical Instability/DDD and Vertigo
  390. Struggling with Vitamin Deficiencies
  391. How severe is your work-related health issue?
  392. Dealing with Depression as a Result of Chronic Pain
  393. Coping with Depression/Anxiety through Vaping
  394. CBD Vapes for RA: Any Experiences?
  395. Feeling Disconnected from Reality
  396. Running Out of Meds Again - Why Can't Providers Communicate?
  397. How do I tell him I have herpes?
  398. Tips for Top Surgery Recovery
  399. Best Way To Deal With Depression Without Medication?
  400. Overexerted and Feeling Useless
  401. Misdiagnosed with Fibromyalgia or Lyme Disease?
  402. Fibromyalgia and Weed: Can it Help with Tiredness?
  403. Dealing with Autoimmune Diseases: Let's Share Tips!
  404. Struggling with New Endometriosis Medication
  405. Need Help with Calorie Deficit and Binge Eating
  406. Looking for advice on ADD medication
  407. Late Diagnosis of Neurodivergence: What Was Your Experience?
  408. Struggling with Seizures: Need Motivation Tips
  409. Living with Chronic Pain: My Story
  410. Tips for Staying Warm with Raynaud's?
  411. Worried about my upcoming autism assessment
  412. Noisy hotel room causing anxiety
  413. Idiopathic Gastroperisis: Poor Treatment Outcomes?
  414. Feeling Faint: Seeking Advice
  415. Looking for Support with Depression, Anxiety, and ADHD/Autism
  416. Nervous About My Upcoming Autism Evaluation
  417. Switched to a new doctor and recommended CBT for anxiety and depression
  418. First Rheumatologist Appointment for Fibro: What to Expect?
  419. Struggling with Fibromyalgia and Weight
  420. How to Lose Weight with Chronic Abdominal Pain?
  421. Need tips for relieving muscle knots in my shoulder
  422. Increased Dose of Abilify and New Medications
  423. My Journey with Atopic Dermatitis: Hoping for a Solution
  424. Concerns about stopping birth control
  425. Looking for a Support Group
  426. Looking for Friends!
  427. New here, looking for support and advice
  428. Looking for advice on anxiety medication
  429. Do People With ADHD Need to Take Naps?
  430. Seeking Advice on Chronic Pain and Knee Condition
  431. Link between Cardiac Ablation and Vasovagal Syncope?
  432. Advice on Applying for PIP in the UK
  433. Dealing with Autism and Overwhelming New Job
  434. Home remedies for chronic migraines?
  435. Adverse reactions to DEPO, should I be taken off?
  436. Need Help Finding Disability Forms
  437. Dealing with IBS and Constipation: Need Advice
  438. Can an Autistic Person Mask a Meltdown?
  439. Do you ever feel like you're on autopilot?
  440. How to Get Energy When You're Exhausted and in Pain?
  441. Off ADHD meds, feeling better but worried about binge eating disorder
  442. Seeking Advice on Duloxetine for Pain and Depression
  443. Struggling with Cystic Fibrosis and Dating
  444. Always Tired: What's Going On?
  445. How to Get an Autism Diagnosis?
  446. Dealing with Short Term Memory Loss
  447. Methacholine Challenge Test for Asthma Evaluation
  448. Starting Lithium - Any Advice?
  449. Struggling with Selective Mutism
  450. Seeking Advice on Seeing a Dietician/Nutritionist
  451. Undiagnosed and Frustrated: Seeking Answers for My Symptoms
  452. Struggling to Drink Enough Water with POTS and GP
  453. Need help breaking my skin biting habit
  454. Cheap Ready-Made Meals Recommendations Needed
  455. How to Limit Jaw Dislocations: Seeking Advice
  456. Newly diagnosed with psoriasis arthritis
  457. Ask Dr. Lisa: Your Crowdsourcing Questions Answered
  458. Struggling to Identify My Depression
  459. OCD Theme Surrounding Ghosts/Paranormal
  460. Starting Abilify - Looking for Experiences
  461. Trazadone making me tired and foggy
  462. Does Weather Affect Your Health?
  463. Family History of Hoarding: Is it Inherited?
  464. Tips for Dealing with Chronic Pain and Helping Others Understand
  465. Paranoia vs Hallucinations in Schizoaffective Disorder
  466. Struggling with a Possible Autism Diagnosis
  467. Starting Prozac: Looking for Experiences
  468. Complications of Stomach Sleeping After Top Surgery
  469. Dealing with Dislocation Flare Ups
  470. Living with Chronic Pain: Seeking Support and Advice
  471. Has anyone tried EMDR therapy?
  472. Can't Sleep, Need Help!
  473. Struggling to Eat with GI Issues
  474. Newly Diagnosed with Fibromyalgia: Seeking Advice on Coping
  475. Dealing with Restless Legs at Night
  476. Feeling Stuck and Confused with Health Issues
  477. Struggling with Eye Contact: Any Advice?
  478. Living with Fibromyalgia: Seeking Support and Advice
  479. Tips for Overcoming Phone Anxiety with Strangers
  480. Experience with Tizanidine Muscle Relaxer?
  481. Need advice on talking to GP about fibromyalgia
  482. Dealing with Dizziness and Fibromyalgia
  483. Lamictal Side Effects - Need Advice
  484. Need to Stim but Can't Physically
  485. Experiencing Frequent Fainting Episodes - Seeking Advice
  486. Constant Chronic Pain and Fatigue - Need Help!
  487. Need Help with Anxiety: Any Tips?
  488. Exploring the Spiritual Side of Bipolar Disorder
  489. Experience with Bupropion?
  490. Caffeine and Alcohol: Neurodivergent Experiences
  491. Seeing Shapes in the Dark - Need Advice
  492. Using Salt to Manage POTS Symptoms
  493. Anxiety and Intimacy: How to Overcome the Struggle
  494. New to the App and Struggling with Anxiety and Depression
  495. Feeling Anxious on Social Media
  496. Managing ADHD and Autism in Daily Life
  497. Is My Medication Making Me Feel Weird?
  498. PCOS and Fatigue: Anyone Else Struggling?
  499. Struggling with Low FODMAP Diet
  500. Have you tried alternative medicine?
  501. Need help with anxiety relief
  502. New Gynecologist Thinks I Have Endometriosis - Should I Get a Second Opinion?
  503. Dealing with Eyebrow Droop in EDS
  504. Duloxetine causing indigestion and hiccups
  505. Struggling with Chronic Pain and Depression
  506. Struggling with Last-Minute Changes Due to Autism and Trauma
  507. Recovering from GJ Tube Surgery
  508. Seeking a Diagnosis for OCD: My Story
  509. Managing FND and Non Epileptic Seizures
  510. Looking for Advice on Emotional Support Dogs
  511. Effectiveness and Side Effects of Desogestrel Pill
  512. Asking for Medical Tests: Tips and Advice
  513. Looking for Free Therapy Resources
  514. Is Slynd Birth Control Effective for Endometriosis Pain?
  515. Feeling Short of Breath for 5 Days
  516. Overcoming OCD Checking Rituals
  517. What are some hobbies for housebound people?
  518. Mental changes on prednisone?
  519. Identity Crisis in Our System
  520. First Panic Attack: Out of Body Experience
  521. Sudden Drop in Sex Drive: Unmasking or Something Else?
  522. Dealing with Whole Body Itching: Is it Fibro or Something Else?
  523. Is Birth Control Worth the Pain?
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