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I've been getting lightheaded a lot recently. Like whenever I stand up, or turn my head, or just move the wrong way, I get super lightheaded, I usually have to grab onto something around me so I don't fall, my vision goes completely black for a few seconds, and I hear a really loud ringing in my ear that blocks all the other sounds around me out. I have no idea what's causing this, and it seems like nobody I tell is taking it seriously. Even doctors just brush it off before I can even say much about it, but I really don't feel like it's normal. I've tried everything that would be the easy answers, dehydration, iron deficiency, maybe not enough food or protein, but it happens all the time anyways. This is relatively new, maybe happening the last year or so, but I'm concerned something is actually wrong with me, or it's going to get worse and I'll start to actually pass out.

    • Kr11z


      The same thing happens to me and I'm not sure what it is either, but maybe try herbal baths? I think I read somewhere that baths can help but I haven't confirmed this yet.

    • SevenStars


      I get the same thing. I haven't gone in for treatment for it, but im on here hoping to find someone with answers. My advice is that when you stand up, stay there for a moment and wait to see if you need to sit back down first. That's what I do. Sometimes its mild but sometimes I get it really bad and end up having to sit down quickly. Are you sure it isn't an iron deficiency? Thats what I was thinking I have.

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