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Anyone else have selective mutism? How do they deal with daily life? Like in terms of Communicating with people and like the depression that comes along side not being at the same level as everyone else in terms of friends and communication:)

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    • Runway0523


      @moonwxtcher Selective Mutism is being unable to speak.

    • Alex1325


      I use my phone and type out whatever I want to say. I've only ever had one time where it massively affected me in public and I was in hospital for a pain flare and difficulty breathing. The doctors were very confused as to why I wasn't talking but they put in me in the low sensory room and somewhat treated me like I was special until they had an influx of covid patients. I found my voice and got out of there soon after

    • Jam_tart978


      Hello! I have dealt with selective mutism quite a lot in my time so I'm going to talk about some of my accessible items. First, text to speech apps are great. There's nothing like being able to actually voice what you can't say and it helps me a lot. Then if I don't have my laptop on me for that and I'm in a quick bind I have communication cards. These are personalised to me and they work great in my university lectures when I'm in a bit of a bind and need some quick explanation as to what's happening. Thirdly, I picked up a bit of sign language and use that too. It's not too much, but it's become brilliant for me and my partner if I want to say things like "I love you" ect. You don't have to learn sign language all the way, even just a few words or phrases makes a difference. Hope this helps!

    • BrutalHonesty


      Finding alternative ways to communicate helps, such as sign language, writing, or using an app. One thing that has helps me is spending more time in situations where I can talk as a reminder that I'm not completely hopeless when it comes to making friends. It is so weird how in one situation, I can't talk at all, and in another I can talk mostly fine. Its so confusing and annoying.

    • fluffymarshmallow


      I work in a restaurant as a pot washer and I communicate with the chefs verbally all day until service starts. When service starts there are waiters standing at the front of the kitchen, there are people in the restaurant and all of the chefs are busy. Sometimes I find myself wanting to say 'excuse me' or ' thank you' when people are in my way or if they help me, but I find myself freezing and and I can't say anything. Does anyone else have experiences where they can't talk in certain situations?

      • Rosiemay


        @fluffymarshmallow yes definitely! That’s exactly what selective mutism is. Sounds like a form of social anxiety?

    • GlitchSky


      I use an AAC app called I Can Communicate!

    • Belle20


      The app "Vocable" is also really amazing! I use it when I go non-verbal or even if I'm not up to talking. You can make your own categories and choose which phrases you want in each category

    • ikigali


      I have it and it's impacting my life a lot. I'm thinking about going to a speech and language therapist but I'm not sure if it will help. I'm glad you understand the depression, it's really isolating and my family try to joke about it a lot which I don't like very much.

    • serendi


      I got this pack of color mini flash cards that came with a ring to put them on. I got a fun badge reel and clip it onto my belt loop. I have them color-coded so it’s easy to find the ones I need. It’s really helpful for me. I also know basic sign language and have taught friends and family simple ones, including a little shorthand so-to-speak to let them know if I’m nonverbal at the time.

    • Buffsterfan


      I’m not sure if I can call it that officially or not, but if I get really overwhelmed or burnt out I will lose the ability to have intelligent conversations. I might still be able to type or something and have short verbal exchanges but often when this happens (which is rarely since I generally try to NOT get to this point lol) words will come out in a jumble and I end up sounding incoherent.

    • moonwxtcher


      I think so? I struggle with people I don’t know well too all words seem wrong what else to do

      • Runway0523


        @moonwxtcher Selective Mutism is being unable to speak.

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