I was on Metformin until recently. I was on 2000 mg a day (1000 morning, 1000 night, two 500mg pills each time). However, a NP suggested I stop taking them due to severe side effects. Without the Metformin, my blood sugar is too high. What medications are you guys on/any recommendations or positive experiences? Thanks!


Diabetes Type 2 (T2D)


Polycystic Ovary (PCOS)

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  • Mushroom_Frog


    Trulicity has been fantastic for my sugar, even on Metformin same dose as you I wasn’t within target. I have PCOS but by the time I was put on trulicity I had already been a diabetic for years.

  • flostas


    Ave heard that berberine is good for controlling blood sugars and less side effects and also ozempic for type 2

  • faustmare


    I was prescribed Victoza for mine- I was taking that for a few months before my psychiatrist added Phetemine as well. I've been on Victoza for 4 months and Phetemine for 2 months and overall have lost almost 20lbs so far! They are generally for treating diabetes but honestly lots of physicians would probably prescribe you them if you bring up the concern of being insulin resistant, which the majority of people diagnosed with PCOS do suffer from.

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