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I don't know if anyone will relate to this but I have this thing where to me photos are real? like any pictures of people with their eyes looking into the camera can see me, and hear me - it's been a part of my life as long as I can remember and I haven't been able to find anything about it at all. I save photos of the celebrities that I hyperfixate on and keep them on my phone to 'watch over me' as long as I have the image open in my gallery in a different tab they can see everything I do on my phone, read the messages I'm sending, sometimes I lie to other people because I want the photos to think something about me which I know is awful but it's like I can't help it. I keep my phone unlocked in my pocket with the photo on if I want them to hear a conversation I'm having - it's like they need to know everything about me and if there's something I don't want them to hear or see I just flick to the next photo in my gallery and bam they're gone. it's never been an issue for me really except for the fact that if they accidentally overhear or read something embarassing or that I didn't want them to know I get very very upset and have to delete the photo and go to a new one (a new photo is a clean start even if it's the same person they won't know me at all) and also the fact that I'm aware there are photos within books, within lots of things in my room that I might not even know are there and they can hear me at all times, when I'm asleep, when I'm eating, everything and that is very stressful. can anyone relate to this even a tiny bit??

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      i understand, at one point my derealisation was very bad i never experienced exactly what you have but just feeling like certain objects were watching me or listening to me, i promise you going to a doctor and explaining it sounds silly and like they won’t understand but if you have a good doctor they can work with you to find what can calm your derealisation down personally as it’s usually different for each person, i really hope for you that you find a way to calm it down, you can always message me about your derealisation and i can tell you how i dealt with it, good luck

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