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I may be Bipolar. I have been questioning if I’ve been Bipolar for awhile and finally decided to do my own research on Bipolar Disorder. I find every symptom and description to Bipolar very close to how I’ve felt for the past years, like.. exactly me.. and I never felt so heard before. I always knew something was off about my depression. A few days after a depressive episode I would have lots of energy to go around, and then hit a low and would have no energy only a few days later. (I later learned that the ‘high’ parts could be considered Mania and Manic episodes.) and when I’m in this state I often will do or say impulsive things. Like I’m 2 totally different people; and it seems to be out of my control. (There is so much more of the symptoms I have regarding this, but I’m not gonna get into it.) I’ve been taking some tips and things to do before being diagnosed online and have written out my symptoms and extra notes (for the psychiatrist ofc.) So, I’m planning on getting a diagnoses for Bipolar Disorder.. does anyone have any more tips, advice, or anything to look for when getting diagnosed with something like Bipolar? I’m going to have my psychologist refer me to a psychiatrist for an appointment on Wednesday.. and I’m kinda nervous, I really don’t want to jump at her with all of this.. I’m mostly uncertain about telling her more because I feel like she may doubt me.

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      yes this is so important! Also as someone who kinda "diagnosed" myself before I went to a psychologist about it, it's really helps to track your moods every day (still helps me now) and just keep researching, bipolar is so elusive and honestly isn't that well understood, but I'm happy to hear that you're piecing it all together and trying to find the right help keep going! 💙

    • lifeismid


      Bipolar is usually a pattern, and your psychologist may have noticed this. Definitely don't be afraid to advocate for yourself. Educate yourself and especially others. Bipolar disorder requires a strong and understanding support circle. It can be a difficult diagnosis, so the more support you can get, the better. You've already taken the first and imo the hardest step of this journey: asking for help. Typically, psychiatrists will put you on mood stabilizers first. A key thing to look out for is an extremely high dosage right off the bat, you want to start at a lower dosage and work your way up. DO NOT SKIP DOSAGES!!! It is so so so important that you take them on time, every time. It's like taking birth control, except missing a dose is kind of a big deal. Therapy with medications work super well together and it's even better if they work or communicate with each other. Also I'm not a doctor, I'm just sharing personal experience. Hope this helps!

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