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1y ago

Understanding Meltdowns and Shutdowns in Adult Women with Autism

Hey Y’all I’m A 21 Year Old On The Spectrum Nonbinary And Afab (Not Sure If That Matters Much Lol) I’m Havin Trouble Understandin The Difference Between A Meltdown And A Shut Down And What They Can Look Like In Adult Women Who Have Been Maskin 99% Of Their Life

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1y ago

This is just word association cuz it’s the easiest way for me to put it rn sorry lol Meltdowns: overstimulation, panic attacks, crying, overwhelmed and out of control feeling Shutdowns: overwhelmed but numbed out, disconnected, slowed down, dissociation, exhaustion If you want more details or something feel free to ask!


1y ago

Hey so I'm 19 nb afab. (He/they) people experience things all sorts of ways. But how I feel it is a shutdown is like having used all your spoons and just going into screensaver mode. You can't do anything else. A meltdown is usually overstimulation for me. It looks like a panic attack but more chaotic and less controlled. A lot of stimming happens for me. I hope that helps but feel free to dm me :)

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