hello! what kind of medication do you take for adhd/add and how does it affect you? I tried adderall for a few months but im noticing that I'm healthier when I'm off it though I can't focus at all. I'm considering Vyvanse but im not sure. would love to hear about your experiences

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  • Molly_Grace


    Vyvanse is so much better. No sudden offs and ons and it lasts longer. Way better drug and no shortage right now. Only problem is cost, potentially.

  • photographer0402


    I love vyvanse. Been on it about 9 months now. A lot of people say it worsens their anxiety but for me, it actual makes me feel calmer.

  • Jan_Marie


    My doctor put me on a higher dose of cymbalta which I was already on for depression and pain. It’s been helping with my ADHD

  • FlowMage


    I’ve been on Adderall XR (extended release) and Vyvanse and my experiences with both have been pretty similar overall. Adderall XR works better for me. Vyvanse was very helpful until I was under a lot of stress and anxiety for other reasons and it made my pulse skyrocket, but that’s just a me thing! It helped a lot before then making me feel calmer and more focused, it decreased my appetite quite a bit. That’s been my experience.

  • ClumsyWorm


    Wellbutrin. I feel like it works. I've been on it for a few months.

  • derangedoctopus72


    Vyvanse was helpful for a little bit, and then it kind of didn't have much of an effect for me. Concerta made my other diagnosis' worse tbh... and now we're trying dynavel. so far i think it works, but i don't really know yet ^^;

  • WilloWake


    I'm on Focalin and it works OK. No real side effects but I get jittery if I miss a dose.

  • bridgiebee


    If you want one that's not a narcotic, I took Guanfacine (a.k.a. Intuniv) (a.k.a. tenex) Check with your doctor. Everyone's chemical makeup is different

  • Collectori


    Short term Adderall - very peppy attitude, lots of energy, lots of focus. Sudden focus followed by big crash. Food repulsion or excess need to munch. Great for setting out to a specific task and getting it done. Executive dysfunction who? also, people look different because I process their whole face at once! I feel more connected to others because I perceive and retain better, but I emote less because it's a lot for my brain to process. Withdrawals when coming off were bad for few weeks but then it was great when I got past that. Adderall XR. Less extreme spike. I often use caffeine at the start to help. I simply can do what I like as I like, but there's no need to "do". A little less focus power but it's helpful for getting through my day. Initially coming off of it made me depressed and mornings I felt hungover, until I took it again. I seem to be doing better the longer I'm on it and I find I'm mostly okay at the end of the day and in the morning. It's still newish for me.

  • KittyKatKuo


    I honestly use to be on Vyvanse for years and it really worked well for me, never any side effects or downfalls with it I just had been on it since about 7 and it stopped working within the last year or so

  • jipperoni


    I took both Strattera and Cymbalta. Cymbalta made me have a few severe side effects, so they had to take me off of that and put me on Strattera. Then I realized I started having very high anxiety peaks since I started taking Strattera, so I was just weened off of Strattera. I haven’t found anything effective yet, but hoping to get there soon! Hope you find something effective!

  • shoe


    I'm also taking Adderall and it works wonders with me. But sadly for a lot of people it doesn't work well.

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