I'm hoping that there are some people here who know what I'm going through. My husband is (quite rightly) mad at me because twice in the last couple of weeks I've left the iron on, and it's been on for a full day.

I've never done this sort of stuff before. My fatigue and brain fog is getting the better of me, I can't drive for more than half an hour without having to pull over because I'm falling asleep behind the wheel, and my job is over an hour away when there are train strikes (which is all the time right now). I had to leave a social event to go and nap in the car the other day, it's so embarrassing!

I've called the GP and they're switching me from fluoxetine and gabapentin to duloxetine, has anyone had luck with this?

My main condition is fibromyalgia


Fibromyalgia (FM)


Fluoxetine • Type: Oral


Gabapentin • Type: Oral

acute lethargy

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  • Ghost125


    My tip for making sure things like the iron are off, is taking a picture of it unplugged before leaving.

  • LuvLeigh96


    How long have you been on fluoxetine? I had a lot of brain fog when I first started it but after being on it for a few weeks I was okay.

  • JoMo


    I'm on duloxetine and having great luck with it! I am on several anxiety meds also, so if you have anxiety, be prepared for that. I've had less brain fog on the duloxetine than some others also.

    • qveenofthecastles


      I love duloxetine!

  • Exrs


    I do the same stuff but I have idiopathic hypersomnia which I'm at Ritalin for. Try to see if you can do a sleep study.

  • KhronicKoder


    I've done the same a few times with the oven. Not as bad as an iron but I can relate 🤦‍♀️ Is there a way you can set some kind of reminder for yourself to double-check it's off/unplugged? A sticky note on the door that you read as you're about to leave? A reminder on your phone? Also agree with taking a picture of it unplugged - maybe next to something with the date and time so you don't worry? You can also get smart plugs that you could operate remotely if all else fails, though not the cheapest option 😅 Sorry to hear you're having a rough time with the fibro fog 💕

  • CallieLou


    I was having similar problems too. I was diagnosed with moderate sleep apnea and once I got that treated it helped a lot. I was on duloxetine for a little bit, but it didn’t work well with me.. but I know many people who love it.

  • avian


    i absolutely love duloxetine, it's helped me out immensely when other antidepressants didn't. fluoxetine is one of the meds that failed for me, my body just doesn't like SSRIs very much in general. i used to take gabapentin too and it made me super drowsy and sluggish and triggered my dissociation to be worse than usual, so it's very possible that gabapentin was causing your problems. especially if you were on a high dose like i was

  • qveenofthecastles


    Sending good thoughts your way, everything will work out 🙏

  • DoggieMama84


    Duloxatine paired with lyrica helped my pain alot. I still have break through pain and days that get the best of me but they have improved my every day living. Also recommend cbd.

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