I don't get a period normally due to my PCOS. The last one I had was in September and before that it was in May. Both super light. My first OBGYN said it was dangerous, as in "increased risk of cancer" dangerous, to not induce a period every month. I was on pseudo birth control for awhile (medroxyprogesterone). Unfortunately all methods of actual birth control I've tried have given severe side effects. My newest OBGYN didn't refill my prescription and didn't seem worried about me not having a period. Online answers have been super vague. Does anyone know/have any research on the effects of not having a period? Thanks!


    • monkey1


      Hold on was your doctor saying not having a period would cause cancer because if so that is a misconception. I would talk to another gyno if you can just to get a second opinion since I am not a doctor but my gyno and the research I did said it is perfectly safe for you to not have a period. You do need to know why you are not having a period though whether that be menopause, pcos, or birth control to make sure there is no other issue that can cause cancer. Sorry I don't know much about the med you are asking about i saw say it usally takes two weeks to start working and if its not working take a 14 day break then try again but again I do not take this medication and am not a doctor so do research and talk to a doctor. Hopefully someone will be able to help. Goodluck

    • Starishere831


      I personally don't get it often and I've only been told the risk of it being even harder to have children one day so if that's a concern I would get your eggs checked and if possible if they are good frozen so the missed periods won't mess up your chances of getting pregnant but personally I plan to adopt so I don't know the affordability or possiblity of stuff like that very well

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