Posts on Alike for September 2022

  1. Dealing with Anxiety: Seeking Support
  2. Tips for Lowering A1C Levels
  3. Feeling Disinterested in Fun Activities
  4. Overcoming Anxiety and Depression to Keep a Job
  5. Neuropathy came back with Omnipod Insulin System
  6. Dealing with Anxiety Triggers
  7. Looking for advice on managing my health decline
  8. Pantoprazole Side Effects - Anyone Else Experiencing Them?
  9. Living with ADHD: My Journey from Diagnosis to Now
  10. PMDD Diagnosis: Is it Worth It?
  11. Experiencing Rib Pain, Chest Tightness, and Shortness of Breath
  12. Managing Asthma with Beta Blockers
  13. Starting EMDR Therapy: What to Expect?
  14. Dealing with Overstimulation at Music Festivals
  15. Can't Sleep, Mind Racing
  16. Hyperthyroidism and Type 2 Diabetes: Is There a Connection?
  17. What are Autistic Meltdowns Like?
  18. Feeling Nauseous After Eating?
  19. Diagnosing Fibromyalgia: What If My Tests Are Normal?
  20. Need advice on seeing a nutritionist with Medicare and Medicaid
  21. Lost Weight Due to Anxiety Meds
  22. Help! I'm Scared of Going to Sleep!
  23. My Best Friend for Migraine Relief: Original Dramamine
  24. Gene Testing for Medication Doses: Worth a Shot?
  25. Navigating Pregnancy Struggles with Substance Use and Mental Health
  26. Looking for PCOS-friendly birth control options
  27. My Son's Mental Health is Deteriorating, What Can I Do?
  28. Suppressing Alters for Over a Year?
  29. Looking for EDS Diagnosis in Midwest
  30. Alters Sleeping All the Time - Is This a Bad Sign?
  31. Struggling with a Breakup and Mental Health
  32. How to Stop Being Startled by Loud Noises with PTSD?
  33. High TSH levels with Hashimoto's: Need advice on levothyroxine dosage
  34. Fell and hit my head, heart rate won't go down - ER trip needed?
  35. Struggling to Sleep: Tips and Tricks?
  36. Uncomfortable Hearing Aid - Seeking Advice
  37. Using a wheelchair for POTS
  38. Feeling Sick at Work: Should I Ask to Go Home?
  39. Dealing with Death Anxiety: How to Cope
  40. Managing Fibromyalgia Pain and Fatigue
  41. Struggling with Anxiety and Depression's Impact on My Physical Health
  42. Does stress make your OCD worse?
  43. Seeking Advice for Possible Autism Diagnosis
  44. Has anyone tried the Dr. Kevin Smith Sinus Migraine Institute?
  45. Drinking on Low Dose Benzos: Any Experiences?
  46. Struggling with Fibromyalgia Pain: Seeking Advice
  47. Difficulty Speaking in Social Situations
  48. Advice for Improving Attention to Detail and Active Listening at Work
  49. Switching to Generic Insulin: Nervous About the Effects
  50. Qualifying for Anxiety Meds: What You Need to Know
  51. Struggling with Sensory Disorders and Trying New Foods
  52. Dealing with the Emotional Side of Type 1 Diabetes
  53. New to the App and Looking for Support with Mental Illness
  54. Zoloft and Maladaptive Daydreaming
  55. Struggling with Motivation on Metformin
  56. Lonely Widow Seeking Support and Laughter
  57. Finding Hope with Chronic Disabilities
  58. Tips for overcoming ADHD paralysis and improving school performance
  59. Dealing with Work Stress During Busy Days
  60. Qualifying for ADHD Medication: What You Need to Know
  61. Why isn't Hashimoto's thyroiditis treated with autoimmune drugs?
  62. Looking for people like me with mental health conditions and stomach issues
  63. Sudden Chest Pain and Arm Pain - Anyone Else?
  64. Share your surreal schizophrenia experience
  65. 17 and New to Therapy: Looking for Support
  66. Traveling with Mobility Aids: Need Advice!
  67. Dealing with Divorce and Mental Illness
  68. Feeling Empty and Alone
  69. Lupus and COVID: Seeking Advice
  70. Struggling to make friends in a new state
  71. Managing Fear and Overstimulation
  72. To Medicate or Not to Medicate: My Flow Chart Dilemma
  73. Herbs and antibiotics for Lyme treatment?
  74. Struggling with Memory Loss Due to Anxiety and Depression
  75. Struggling with Depression and Anxiety
  76. Looking for experiences with Ingrezza and TD
  77. Struggling with Rheumatoid Arthritis
  78. Anxiety Treatment and THC Gummies
  79. Looking for Alternative Medicine for Fibromyalgia
  80. Heavy Periods with PCOS: Should I Be Worried?
  81. Dealing with Chronic Pain: My Journey
  82. Looking for alternative antipsychotic medication
  83. Loosing my appetite for everything except one type of food
  84. Dealing with Nighttime Anxiety
  85. Question about my Schizophrenia diagnosis
  86. Looking for a Friend with Borderpolar and Social Anxiety
  87. Zoloft Withdrawal: Sudden Highs and Irregular Sleep Patterns
  88. Dealing with Schizophrenia Diagnosis: Sharing Your Story
  89. Struggling with Medication for Mental Health
  90. Tremors and Anxiety: Is There a Connection?
  91. Progesterone and Endometriosis: Bleeding Issues
  92. Struggling with Diabetes Management
  93. Overcoming Anxiety: Tips and Tricks
  94. Yaz saved my life: My experience with PMDD
  95. The Struggle of Having Nothing to Do
  96. What Does a Panic Attack Feel Like?
  97. Do You Have a Service Animal?
  98. Tips to avoid lithium weight gain?
  99. Struggling with Depression, Anxiety, and Memory Loss
  100. Managing Bipolar 2 with Lithium Carbonate: Expectations for Depression Episodes
  101. Seeking Answers About My Possible Autism Diagnosis
  102. Nerve Blocks for Stenosis: Has Anyone Tried Them?
  103. Struggling with Diabetes: My Story
  104. Dealing with Fatigue and Hair Loss from Long-haul Covid
  105. Struggling to Open Up About My Mental Health with My Partner
  106. Dealing with Bipolar Impulsiveness: My Struggle with Overspending
  107. Difficulty Breathing - Need Help!
  108. Is this how autism testing is supposed to be?
  109. Looking for College Tips from Fellow Autistics
  110. Experiencing severe side effects from hydroxychloroquine, need advice
  111. Alters switching at will
  112. Struggling with Anxiety on Citalopram
  113. Need advice on finding a new PCP as a trans person with abnormal lab results
  114. Struggling with Derealization: Memories and Perception
  115. Daily Migraines: Seeking Relief
  116. Looking for ADHD medication advice
  117. Hip Pain After Walking Long Distance
  118. Coffee Side Effects: What's Normal?
  119. My twin sister has a throbbing headache on her right side, what could it be?
  120. Dealing with Anxiety at Work
  121. Finding Escapism from Bad News and Thoughts
  122. Migraine Triggers: Seeking Advice
  123. Coping with Hypomania: Seeking Advice
  124. Poly Pharmacy: A Growing Concern?
  125. Seeking insight on Asperger's diagnosis as an adult
  126. My First Job: Working at a Halloween Store as an Autistic Person
  127. Need help with electric bill due to job loss
  128. Emergency Methods for Anxiety Attacks and Intrusive Thoughts
  129. Struggling with Body Dysmorphia and Self Consciousness
  130. Feeling Emotionally Numb: Any Tips?
  131. Dealing with Sciatica Pain: Seeking Advice
  132. Looking for ADHD organization apps
  133. Struggling with Memory Loss Due to Seizures
  134. Dealing with Mini-Seizures at Work
  135. Struggling with Agoraphobia and Loneliness
  136. Recognizing Seizure Symptoms: Help!
  137. Living with Anxiety and Depression: Seeking Advice from Those Further Along
  138. Looking for others with Autonomic Dysfunction
  139. Dealing with Fibromyalgia Pain in My Feet
  140. Tingling pain in hands and feet from metoprolol use
  141. Feet and Big Toe Pain with Calves and Hip/Sciatica Pain
  142. Seeking Solutions for Asthma Symptoms
  143. Dealing with Brain Zaps When Coming Off Antidepressants
  144. Dealing with Chronic Hip Pain
  145. New Medication Prescribed by Psychiatrist
  146. Side effects of Prozac for depression?
  147. Struggling with Inappropriate Thoughts
  148. Dealing with Overstimulation: Tips and Tricks
  149. Dealing with Seasonal Depression
  150. What is Gutburn and How Can I Treat It?
  151. Struggling with Food Choices and Addiction
  152. Living with a Pacemaker: My Experience
  153. Preventing Migraines: Tips and Tricks
  154. Starting Conversations with Anxiety
  155. Dealing with Chronic Pain While Spending Time with My Partner
  156. Looking for VCD Relief Tips
  157. Can Anxiety and PTSD Cause Physical Pain?
  158. Feeling Restless and Tired
  159. EDS and Major Joint/Muscle Injuries: Anyone Else?
  160. My Experience at an Anime Convention as a Maid Vendor
  161. Feeling Anxious About Socializing
  162. Buspar (Buspirone) Usage: As Needed?
  163. Has DBT therapy helped you?
  164. Ways to Decrease Pain During Flare-Ups and Bad Weather
  165. Looking for a new prescription NSAID for chronic pain
  166. Finally Got a Diagnosis for My Long List of Symptoms
  167. Dealing with GERD-induced hiccups
  168. Zoloft: Share your experience and tips
  169. Scared to Drive: Can Anyone Relate?
  170. Dealing with Fibro Fog: Any Advice?
  171. Exploring Psychedelics for Self-Discovery and Mental Health
  172. Struggling with Physical Symptoms and Anxiety
  173. What don't they get?
  174. Adderall Causing Panic Attacks?
  175. Increasing Salt Intake with POTS and IBS
  176. Can I Stay Overnight After Laparoscopic Gallbladder Removal?
  177. Sudden Itchiness - Any Advice?
  178. Dealing with High Pain Levels in Abdomen and Ovarian Areas
  179. Struggling with Chronic Illness and Long Covid
  180. Swollen Muscles Before Period: Anyone Else?
  181. Alternative Treatments for Chronic Illness
  182. Need Motivation to Go to School with PTSD
  183. Managing Multiple Disorders: Tips and Advice
  184. Struggling with POTS symptoms, looking for advice
  185. Looking for Natural Remedies for Endometriosis Pain Relief
  186. Experiencing Absence Symptoms - Seeking Advice
  187. Need advice on skin picking
  188. Check Your Vitamin Levels for Anxiety Relief
  189. How a $30 bottle of pills stopped my anxiety
  190. Need to talk about my c-diff experience
  191. Doctor says I don't have autism, but I have all the symptoms. Anyone else?
  192. Need help with my salt cravings
  193. Dealing with FND seizures: Need advice!
  194. Need help with bloating!
  195. Feeling Depressed After Weeks of Anxiety-Free Life
  196. Finally Got a Diagnosis for My Fatigue
  197. Looking for ADHD Tips
  198. Struggling to Socialize with Chronic Illness
  199. Just Got My Blood Test Results Back
  200. Help me figure out my twitches and tics
  201. Endo pain outside of period?
  202. Struggling with Diabetes and Food Cravings
  203. Natural Remedies for Anxiety: Tips and Tricks
  204. Dealing with Overstimulating Nightmares
  205. Navigating Neurodiversity: Seeking Diagnosis
  206. Dealing with Extreme Anxiety and Emotions
  207. Dealing with Tennis Elbow: Tips and Tricks
  208. Struggling with Health and Isolation
  209. New to PCOS and Hoping for Support
  210. Looking for Recommendations: Cannabis for Chronic Pain/Fibromyalgia
  211. Dealing with OCD Symptoms: My Experience
  212. Panic Attack and Feeling Out of Body
  213. How long does it take to get a diagnosis for POTs?
  214. Lack of Sexual Desire on Lexapro
  215. Feeling Dizzy and Nauseous: Is it Anxiety or Something Else?
  216. MS and Dental Health: What You Need to Know
  217. Overcoming Social Anxiety in College
  218. Trouble Sleeping Due to Claustrophobic Imagery
  219. Is it okay to take anxiety meds that may cause weight gain?
  220. Exercising with Chronic Pain and POTS
  221. Newly diagnosed with Lupus, seeking comfort and advice
  222. The Importance of HPV Vaccination for Boys and Girls
  223. Diagnosed with Major Depressive Disorder, but is it really MDD?
  224. How do I communicate that I don’t feel I am bipolar?
  225. Reminder for ADHD folks to take care of themselves
  226. Struggling to Take Meds Regularly - Any Tips?
  227. Struggling to Focus in Class Due to Overwhelm
  228. Coping with Schizophrenia: Best Care and Self-Care Routines
  229. Introduction and Sharing My Story
  230. Traveling to Italy with POTS Diagnosis: Need Advice!
  231. Always Tired, Even After Enough Sleep
  232. Concerned about my heart: Arrhythmia or Anxiety?
  233. How to Get Saline Infusions Prescribed?
  234. Dealing with Daily Anxiety: Tips and Tricks
  235. Starting an Elimination Diet: What Are Your Triggers?
  236. Gabapentin Users: How Much Do You Take?
  237. Nervous About Endometriosis Surgery Recovery
  238. New here and diagnosed with MS
  239. How long does it take for POTS to get better?
  240. Exploring Dessicated Thyroid Supplements for Hashimoto's Disease
  241. Somatic Issues Due to Mental Illness
  242. Seeking reassurance for symptoms of anxiety and depression
  243. Questions about Medication Changes
  244. My Service Dog was Attacked and I'm Struggling to Cope
  245. Dealing with Unwanted Stimming Behaviors
  246. Living with Anxiety Disorder in Senior Years
  247. Chronic Pain and Sickness for 7 Years - Seeking Advice
  248. Do Stimulant Medications Make People with ADD Jittery?
  249. Dealing with Anxiety: My Morning Greeting
  250. Chemo for Lupus: What to Expect?
  251. Seeking Medical Diagnosis for Bipolar Disorder
  252. Need help understanding HS
  253. Gender Identity and Autism: Correlation or Causation?
  254. How Pets Help with Mental Health
  255. Abilify for Tourettes and Depression: How Effective is it?
  256. Tips for dealing with acid reflux?
  257. Managing Pain with EDS: Seeking Advice
  258. Looking for Support and Advice on ADHD Diagnosis
  259. New here and struggling with mental and physical health
  260. 14 Days Sober: Struggling with Depression and Medication Switch
  261. Switching from Gabapentin to CBD/THC for Fibromyalgia
  262. Memory Loss Due to Depression, Anxiety or Trauma?
  263. Connecting with Someone Who Understands My Chronic Illness
  264. When Google is Your Doctor: The Perils of Self-Diagnosis
  265. Withdrawals from Antidepressants: What to Expect
  266. Discovering the Truth About ADHD and Dopamine
  267. Struggling with Insomnia: Need Help!
  268. Struggling with Stress: Anyone Else?
  269. Inconsistent Blood Pressure Readings: Seeking Advice
  270. Is Holding Onto Things a Symptom of Anxiety or Autism?
  271. Gluten Sensitivity with POTS
  272. Exploring Psilocybin and Ketamine for BPD Treatment
  273. PTSD vs CPTSD: Does it Matter?
  274. Managing POTS Symptoms with Low Impact Exercise
  275. Anxiety and Menstruation: Why Does It Happen?
  276. Dealing with Occipital Neuralgia Pain
  277. Looking for IBS Management Alternatives
  278. Living with Endometriosis and Pelvic Congestion Syndrome
  279. Worried about getting diagnosed with ASD
  280. Pros and Cons of Being Diagnosed with Autism
  281. Career Anxiety and Mental Illness
  282. Need advice for managing lymphedema flare up
  283. What are your BPD symptoms?
  284. Anxiety, Depression, and IBS: Does One Trigger the Other?
  285. Pinpointing Medical Conditions with GAD
  286. How do meds affect your emotions and fears?
  287. Vivid and Violent Nightmares
  288. Dealing with Bad Menstrual Cramps
  289. Shortness of Breath and Chest Pain After Asthma Attack
  290. Stage 4 Endometriosis Symptoms - Need Advice
  291. Bradycardia and Low Blood Pressure with Dysautonomia
  292. Struggling with Socializing: How to Overcome Awkwardness
  293. Understanding Spinal Stenosis: Can Anyone Help?
  294. Feeling Overwhelmed by Appointments
  295. Tips for transitioning to a different SSRI?
  296. My ADHD Medication Journey: Strattera and College-Level Work
  297. Dealing with POTS Syndrome Symptoms - Seeking Advice
  298. Dealing with Sinus Migraine: Seeking Treatment and Talking to Doctors
  299. Dealing with Deep Rooted Anxiety
  300. Natural Healing for ADHD and Bipolar Disorder
  301. Need help with Sciatic pain relief
  302. Tips for managing PMDD
  303. Struggling with Painful Furniture
  304. Struggling with Bipolar Emotions in My Relationship
  305. Dealing with Intense Foot Pain: Need Affordable Compression Socks
  306. New here and struggling without medication
  307. Struggling with Pain at Work
  308. Considering Outpatient Hospital for Mental Health
  309. Struggling with Insomnia and Long COVID
  310. Living with Nasal Spray: My Story
  311. Looking for a Bestie to Navigate Mental Health Together
  312. Living with Multiple Chronic Conditions
  313. Dealing with Bipolar Disorder and Social Anxiety
  314. Drinking with Epilepsy: How Much is Safe?
  315. Struggling with UC: Coping with the Stress and Isolation
  316. Tips for Dealing with Anxiety About Anxiety
  317. Lost my job due to mental health, struggling to find new one
  318. Struggling to Make Physical Therapy Sustainable for My Life
  319. Tips for Running a 5k with Asthma
  320. Getting Sick During Periods: Is It Normal?
  321. Feeling Lightheaded and Exhausted - Need Advice
  322. Negative Experience in Psych Ward: Seeking Feedback
  323. Reducing Negative Impact of Foraminostenosis Pain
  324. Struggling with Weight Loss Despite Diet and Exercise
  325. Has anyone tried Mounjaro for diabetes?
  326. Looking for Fibromyalgia Support and Pain Relief Tips
  327. Looking for an Accountability Buddy to Manage Chronic Pain
  328. Struggling to Express My Emotions on Prozac
  329. New to the Group with Chronic Pain and Upcoming Surgery
  330. Getting an Endoscopy for My Acid Reflux: Tips?
  331. Managing HSV Outbreaks and Protecting My Partner
  332. Dealing with Misunderstanding of Constraints
  333. Help with Swallowing Issues and GI Yuckiness
  334. My Experience with Epclusa for Hepatitis C Treatment
  335. Advice for Plane/ Claustrophobia Anxiety?
  336. My Daughter Threw Up Blood at School Today
  337. Looking for an as-needed drug for anxiety and irritation
  338. Dealing with Bipolar in a Relationship
  339. Do you suffer from emetophobia?
  340. Struggling with Student Teaching as an ASD Teacher
  341. Dealing with Anxiety: Ruining My Social Life
  342. Celebrating My Diabetes Management Progress
  343. Dealing with Cat Allergies: Is it Wrong to Ask?
  344. BPD and Medication: Seeking Positive Experiences
  345. Struggling with Diabetes and Food
  346. Seeking advice on mobility aids
  347. Seeking Guidance for Skin Care
  348. Has anyone had success with Botox for migraines?
  349. Dealing with Wisdom Tooth Pain and Migraines
  350. Possible Fibromyalgia Symptoms - Seeking Advice
  351. Intrusive Thoughts in Dreams
  352. Irregular Periods Causing Panic Attacks
  353. Struggling with Depression and Heartbreak
  354. POTS Flare Ups During Period: Any Advice?
  355. Questioning the Validity of My Pain
  356. Struggling with Weight Gain Due to POTS
  357. Coping with Intrusive Thoughts: Tips and Tricks
  358. Help! My legs turned purple after showering
  359. Coping with Anxiety and Depression While Loved One is Incarcerated
  360. New Treatments for Gastroparesis?
  361. Gene Testing for Medication: Buspar and Viibryd
  362. Body Numbness and Moving Sensations
  363. Hydroxyzine for Sleep: Anyone Else Feeling Sick?
  364. TV and Anxiety: Does Anyone Else Feel This Way?
  365. Struggling with Borderline Personality Symptoms
  366. Need tips on how to faint safely
  367. Struggling with Spinal Stenosis: The Shopping Cart Syndrome
  368. Need advice for healthy impulsive release
  369. Feeling Unwell: High Fasting Blood Sugar
  370. Looking for Adenomyosis Treatment Advice
  371. Hypersensitivity to Sounds: Anyone Else?
  372. Dealing with Seizure Disorder: Seeking Advice
  373. Looking for experiences with Lamictal for Bipolar 2
  374. Heart Monitor Adhesive Sensitivity
  375. Overweight with Addison's Disease?
  376. Managing Anxiety: Tips and Tricks
  377. What are HS flares like for you?
  378. Is this Arthritis? Need Help!
  379. Extreme Fatigue and Dizziness: Seeking Advice
  380. Scared of Alcohol: Anyone Else?
  381. Is my medication working?
  382. Struggling with Chronic Illness and Identity
  383. Tips for Insomniacs: How to Get Some Sleep?
  384. Anxious About Traveling to Italy
  385. Struggling to Make Friends Despite Wanting Them
  386. Dealing with Exhaustion: Tips and Tricks
  387. Alternative Diabetes Treatment Options Needed
  388. Struggling to Open Up to My Psychiatrist
  389. Struggling to Check Blood Sugar Regularly
  390. Diagnosed with ADHD and prescribed Adderall, need advice
  391. Dealing with Misdiagnosis: How to Get Corrected Diagnosis?
  392. Need advice on getting IUD removed under anesthesia
  393. New to DID, Looking for Support
  394. Wellbutrin for Mood Stabilizing and ADHD: Seeking Advice
  395. Do you believe in Mania Magic?
  396. Struggling with My Mental Health in My New Apartment
  397. Dealing with the Stigma of HSV Diagnosis
  398. Dealing with Social Anxiety at Work
  399. Sore Knees and Legs with Fibromyalgia
  400. Trying Holistic Medicine: Any Success Stories?
  401. Struggling to Find Medical Help
  402. My Therapy Intake Experience: Finally Feeling Heard
  403. Dealing with Chronic Foot Pain
  404. Heavy Chest and Breathing Difficulty with Long COVID
  405. Struggling with Anxiety and Isolation
  406. Anxiety, Depression, and Thyroid Issues: Seeking Advice
  407. Autistic Digestive Issues: Phlegm After Eating
  408. Acne Rosacea and Bumps: Seeking Advice
  409. Chaos in Foster Care: Taking on a Newborn
  410. Looking for others with similar mental health conditions
  411. Seeking a Second Opinion on My Autism Diagnosis
  412. Looking for friends with BPD
  413. Pregnant with Lupus and Asthma: Seeking Advice
  414. Chronic fear of bodily fluids affecting my relationship
  415. Celebrating Sobriety: My Journey So Far
  416. Natural Migraine Relief: The Power of Magnesium
  417. Struggling to Socialize in Groups
  418. Share Your A1C and Targets
  419. Recommendations for Online Therapy Sites/Apps?
  420. Thoughts on ESA Animals for Anxiety/OCD?
  421. Alternative Methods for Thyroid Medicine Symptoms
  422. Recommendations for Knee Brace for Sleeping?
  423. Switching from Lexapro to Paxil: My Experience
  424. Feeling Lethargic and Unmotivated
  425. Mixed Feelings About My Pain Treatment Appointment
  426. How to Lose Belly Fat: Tips and Tricks
  427. Dealing with Chronic Pain: Seeking Advice
  428. Help! Growing Facial Hair as a Woman
  429. Dealing with GERD and Stomach Inflammation
  430. Struggling to Get a Good Night's Sleep
  431. Melatonin and Fibromyalgia: Does it Help with Deep Rest?
  432. How to Avoid Getting Sick and Feel Better Quickly
  433. Alternative Treatments for PTSD and Depression
  434. Need advice on pituitary tumor diagnosis
  435. Struggling to differentiate between special interests and hyperfixations
  436. Exploring Alternative Treatments for My Health Issues
  437. TV Static and Hallucinations: A Comforting Fixation?
  438. Looking for advice on Ehlers Danlos Syndrome symptoms
  439. Dealing with Health Issues on Vacation
  440. Has Sertraline Helped? My Experience with Antidepressants
  441. Dealing with Albuterol Side Effects
  442. Frequent Heart Palpitations When Stressed or Anxious
  443. Struggling with Health Issues: Seeking Guidance
  444. Seasonal Changes and Bipolar Disorder
  445. Dealing with Sensory Overload and Anxiety at Work
  446. Alternative Treatments for Migraines
  447. Improving Optimism and Positivity: Tips and Tricks
  448. Need advice on bandaging and draining stubborn wounds
  449. Looking for support with atypical carcinoid tumors of the lungs
  450. Struggling with Chronic Pain
  451. Struggling with Sensory Issues and Job Opportunities
  452. Learning to Rely on Myself and Fulfill My Own Needs
  453. Struggling with ADHD and Suspected Autism
  454. Beginning the Process of a Mental Health Evaluation
  455. Extreme Fatigue and Nausea: Seeking Advice
  456. Sensory-Friendly Alternatives to Compression Stockings?
  457. How to Track Nausea on Your Phone?
  458. Nine Questions to Ask When Starting Therapy
  459. Gaslighting Myself with an Invisible Disability
  460. Dealing with Hypomania: Need Suggestions
  461. Scared of Childbirth with Autism: Anyone Else?
  462. How I Control My Symptoms with Food Elimination
  463. Scared to See a Doctor About My Menstrual Problems
  464. Differentiating POTS and MCAS Episodes
  465. Struggling with Healthy Eating Habits
  466. Dealing with Agoraphobia and Autism in Social Situations
  467. Dealing with Panic Attacks and Medication Side Effects
  468. Looking for COVID-19 Recovery Support
  469. Need Theme Park Tips for Someone with Crohn's Disease
  470. Side Effects of Ozempic - Anyone Else Tired?
  471. Dealing with Intense Existential Thoughts
  472. POTS and hEDS - Anyone Else Experience This?
  473. Has anyone had a spinal stimulator implanted for neuropathy?
  474. Voices in Your Head: Normal or Scary?
  475. Daily Pressure Headache - Seeking Relief and Advice
  476. Constant Joint Dislocations in Sleep
  477. How to Stop Splitting with BPD?
  478. Looking for experiences with Busprione medication
  479. Empowered by my Chronic Illness Diagnosis
  480. Experiencing Dissociation and Blind Spots in Vision
  481. Switching from Lexapro to Celexa: Any Experiences?
  482. Wishing for a Better Life for My Alters
  483. Recently Diagnosed with Fibromyalgia and Chronic Migraine - Seeking Advice
  484. Dealing with OCD when it gets in the way
  485. Ovulation Pain - Anyone Else Feel It?
  486. Struggling with Laundry Before Surgery
  487. Dealing with Lactose Intolerance
  488. Severe Itching and Numbness at Night
  489. Dealing with the aftermath of a manic episode
  490. Struggling to Socialize at Disneyland
  491. Dealing with a New Diagnosis: Bipolar Disorder II and ADHD
  492. Tips for Traveling with a Feeding Tube
  493. Dealing with Seasonal Depression
  494. OmniPod vs Tslim: Which is Better for a Lean Build?
  495. Prioritizing Your Well-Being: Tips and Tricks
  496. Struggling with Anxiety and Running Performance
  497. Dealing with Impostor Syndrome When Health Gets in the Way
  498. Struggling with Iron-deficiency Anemia and Homework
  499. Missing the Hospital Routine
  500. Feeling like I'm going to faint, any ideas?
  501. Anxiety and Intrusive Thoughts During Menstrual Cycle
  502. Introducing Myself and My Health Tracking App Experience