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has anybody had a spinal stimulator emplanted for neuropothy? I'm in the works for getting one, as long as I pass the psych evaluation. How has it worked for you?

    • nonamesleft


      thank you for your response and I apologize for taking so long to respond. I have had back pain for just over 2 years now. I have had shots, ablation, and lumbar fusion. I have taken three different medications for the neuropoty with it not helping at all. My surgeon initially wanted to do more fusion, and told me he didn't do enough surgery. He then sent me to have a pre surgery CT scan. On the follow up appointment, he flipped his switch and said he thought the stimulator would be a better option. He said that my lower lumbar looked "moth eaten", and that my neuropothy is probably permanent. I am first off concerned about the condition of my bones, to say the least. With the stimulator, I am wonder just how well it works. I'm sure everybody will have different stories, but am seeking any information I can get. Can you feel it doing anything? Did you get yours for neuropathy as well as back pain? The place I'm going to said it should help with both my neuropathy and my back pain. They also said that I will have to limit my movements as far as extreme stretching and twisting, do you find it limits you much? Again, thank you so much for answering, and I look forward to hearing from you again. 😀

    • Jack38


      Hi, after years of chronic back pain and no treatment that helped, I decided to go for surgery and implant a spinal stimulator. The surgery was not easy and recovery from it took some time, but I must say that since then there has been improvement in my back pain. You need to remember that surgery has its own complications and risks, and after my surgery, I had a serious infection in the area to such an extent that the doctors almost had to perform a repeat surgery in order to remove the device. Have you tried any other lines of treatment? What are your concerns about the device?

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