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Hi everyone. I've been struggling because of derealization for years now. I only remembered this past few weeks that I've had episodes when I was younger (I'm turning 20) but I'm not a hundred percent sure because the derealization has affected my memories in a way that I can't have a hundred percent certainty that the details of my memories are accurate. I might just be imagining it because of the way I'm feeling right now, that is the derealization might just be causing me to associate it with the past as if it's affected my judgment. I know about my childhood, I have a few memories and facts I can remember but not as much as I should. I can't picture them as vivid as they can be like a normal person. I'm surprised that I still recognize my family and friends. When they talk about the past, I just can't help but listen even if I don't remember anything about it. I suffer from depersonalization as well but I'm more bothered, even disturbed, by the feeling that I can't perceive the world as real. People, objects, places have no essence or substance. Everything is lifeless. I always feel disoriented and it doesn't come and go, it's just always there dwelling.

    • Cuckoosiomai


      Thank you 🤗 I have been formally diagnosed with psychosis with dissociative symptoms but not depersonalization/derealization disorder or dissociative amnesia or whatever it is that's really going on. I have a reevaluation oncoming. I'll address my concerns with my psychiatrist then.

    • Happyfeet007


      This is very relatable. I wonder if you’ve ever talked to a mental health professional about this? Grounding tools can be helpful but only if you’re ready to feel safe in reality. I was diagnosed with DID after years of experiencing symptoms like these plus a few others. Hugs if you want them 🤗 and message me if you want to talk!

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