hi! I'm on here to maybe find a good medication for my ADHD. I was previously on Concerta for around 6ish years but I've stopped taking it (with doctor's permission) because it took away my appetite and it took away the me from me. So if you guys know of any meds that don't have many side affects please let me know!!

Attention-Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder


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  • mik.chick


    Hi, I’m on Vyvanse right now and it’s been the most helpful so far for me. It lasts 12-14 hours and the feeling is pretty consistent, no ups and downs but I can’t take it after 11 am-12 pm or I won’t sleep. It does take about an hour to kick in and I’ve noticed if I don’t eat before/with it, I can’t eat breakfast for a couple hours because it makes me nauseous. However, that aversion is gone after 2-3 hours and I can eat just fine. My appetite is much lower but if I remind myself to eat/have the time, I typically do and can eat normal portions. I haven’t noticed many “personality” changes except I do have some increased anxiety (most stimulants come with that) but I’m managing this with physical exercise, drinking enough water, eating regularly, and I recently started guanfazine, which is another med used to help ADHD in conjunction with stimulants but it manages the anxiety

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