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Hey! I’m 21 years old and I’ve been having a really difficult time with my health lately. I had to take a medical leave this semester and it has left me feeling isolated. Is anyone else in a similar situation?

    • RyeRyeBread


      Hey!! I'm 21 too, and took a break from my community college at the start of the pandemic... and never got to go back 😥 I developed POTS & ME in June 2021 and I have been wanting to go back to achool SO BAD 😭 As someone who suffers from [currently undiagnosed] social anxiety, I can't believe how much I miss the atmosphere of college. The lectures, the halls, the walking paths, the people. I felt like I was actually starting my life, going somewhere. I was so inspired.. And now that's gone 😥 I recently have been pacing really well and I got a Fold&Go powerchair, so now I'm at a more "college capable" level than I was a year ago (housebound), so maybe sometime soon I can return, even if only for 1 class at a time.. 🙏 This shit sucks 💙 We definitely didn't expect young adult life to start out like this,,, I hope we'll all be okay and figure it out 💜 I hope you get to a point where school is something you can do again!!

    • littlefrog


      yeah, I had to leave my school permanently. I don’t hang out with friends anymore because of how sick I am. I feel so alone. I can’t get my degree in the state I’m in, and even if I ever go back to school it won’t be at the college I planned to graduate at. it hurts a lot. I feel like I’ll never be well enough to get a degree or have a job.

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